Death Stranding Trade With Porter - Any Porter In A Storm Trophy

Trading with other porters is possible in Death Stranding, at least with NPC ones. You can’t trade with other players, sadly, but there are wandering porters you can encounter in the world. You can exchange materials and goods with them. The first time you do it, you’ll get a trophy called Any Porter in A Storm. This guide will show you how to trade with porters in Death Stranding.

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death stranding how to trade with porters
Death Stranding Trade With Porter – Any Porter In A Storm Trophy

How to trade with porter?

First you’ll need to find another porter. They appear randomly across the world, both in the wilderness and around the facilities, so just keep playing as usual until you encounter them. They usually travel in groups and are easy to spot. Once you’ve found them, spam them with likes. Open up your inventory and equip a piece of cargo (something you can live without) into your hand. Drop it on the floor in front of them, and they’ll take it if it tickles their fancy.

If they do, they’ll give you the thumbs up, rewarding you with a number of likes. Repeat this process until they offer you one of their pieces of cargo. They’ll stretch out a hand with the container in it, and a pop-up will show, allowing you to take it. You’ll unlock the trophy as soon as you grab the item.

It’s a gamble – you might waste several valuable items and get something that’s not as valuable in return. Thankfully, you’re only required to do it once for the bronze trophy, so if you don’t like the results, you can just avoid the porters like the plague in the future. There’s no way to trade with other players, if you don’t count supply requests – but those are more charity than trade.


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