The Pact of Smoke Three Door Code Locations - Smoke Contest Puzzle - Deathloop

The Deathloop Pact of Smoke three door code Smoke Contest puzzle locations are three particular places where you’ll find notes. Each note has a four-digit code, and you need to enter them into the three separate keypads, one code per keypad. However, the issue of finding the tree clues that reveal the passwords is the main issue. To make things even worse, the codes are random, so we can’t just give you the solutions. So, with all of that said, let’s dive in.

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the pact of smoke three door code locations smoke contest puzzle deathloop
The Pact of Smoke Three Door Code Locations – Smoke Contest Puzzle – Deathloop

The Pact of Smoke Three Door Code Locations – Smoke Contest Puzzle

To solve the Smoke Contest puzzle and find the Pact of Smoke three door code locations, you’ll have to read three different notes. The first one, Cassandra’s Pact of Smoke, is right there, in the same room as the smoking rig. in the apartment in Updaam. You can find it in the upper left corner of the room, next to the window. It’s on the giant coil that’s serving as a table of sorts, under the potted… sticks. It’s fairly easy to find. Read the note to get the code for the keypad on the right.

deathloop pact of smoke three dore code locations
First clue location

The second clue is in Karl’s Bay, in Vanya’s apartment. To get in, you first need to go into the Updaam smoker room in the morning and head to the contraption in the corner, where the three colored wires are connected. Make sure that the light next to the red wire is green. Then, go into Vanya’s apartment in Karl’s Bay either in the afternoon or the evening. To find the place, head through the Perception area and then right down the stairs. Her Pact of Smoke note is in the corner of the kitchen counter.

smoke contest puzzle pact of smoke deathloop three door code locations
Second clue location

The third and final of the three Pact of Smoke door code locations in the Deathloop smoke contest puzzle is in Anatoly’s apartment, also in Karl’s Bay. Before you can access it, head into the smoker apartment in the morning and make sure that the green light is on next to the blue wire. Then, head into Anatoly’s pad (right of Dawn of reason, past the big red house, left as you approach the Treasure of Ice sign) and read his Pact of Smoke note, which is on a box next to the fire place.

where to find three door codes deathloop pact of smoke contest puzzle
Third clue location
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