Obtain Strelak Verso Gold Weapon - Deathloop Battery Locations

To obtain the Strelak Verso gold weapon in Deathloop, you need to find three battery locations in the Ordnance Depot’s Armory in the Complex. The trick here is that the Complex is a huge compound, and the batteries are scattered in several places. In fact, two of them are in a completely different part of the depot. That’s why we’ve put together our Obtain Strelak Verso Gold Weapon – Deathloop Battery Locations guide, in which we’ll show you where to find the batteries and how to get the Strelak Verso pistols.

obtain strelak verso gold weapon deathloop battery locations
Obtain Strelak Verso Gold Weapon – Deathloop Battery Locations

Ordnance Depot Battery Locations Deathloop

There are two locations where you can find batteries in the Deathloop Ordnance Depot to obtain the Strelak Verso gold weapon from the armory. As soon as you trigger the In This Together quest to get the Strelak Verso, turn around and exit the room where the giant machinery is. You’ll see a small, blueish-green forklift right in front of you. That’s where the first battery is.

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The second and third battery are in the same place. From the little forklift, head left and down and open the big doors by pressing the button on the wall. Walk through the rubble and through the doors with the big red X on them. Keep heading straight and go through the blue double doors protected by the alarm sensor, then through another set of blue doors. You’re now in the Loop Control Center. Head up the stairs on the left, where you’ll find a battery charging station with two batteries on the floor. Since this game has no respect for your time, you’ll have to pick up one battery, take it all the way back and place it into the slot, then go back for the third battery.

Obtain Strelak Verso – Gold Pistols

To obtain the Strelak Verso gold pistols Deathloop weapon, after you find the three battery locations in the Ordnance Depot’s Armory in the Complex, make sure to put the batteries in the three empty slots. Once you do that, look to the right of the slots to see a button which should now have four green lights above it. Press the button to open the doors and head all the way to the far end of the storage unit to get the guns. Just keep in mind that you need to do all of this at noon; at least, that’s when we got it. We don’t know whether it works at other times of day. If you need any further assistance, check out our video below.

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