A Scent Is The Key Chest Location | Destiny: The Taken King

Locked chests carry better loot than regular ones in Destiny: The Taken King. Getting the keys to unlock them is often easy, but finding them can be difficult.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find the Scent Chest, and how to unlock it.

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How to get Scent Key

This one doesn’t need an actual key – the “key” is a scent, as the name clearly says. You’ll have to get poisoned by worms – shoot them, then stand in their place. Your screen will turn green and you’ll get the Scent of The Worm buff. The buff lasts 60 seconds, so you’ll have to act fast once you contract it.

The place where you can find worms closest to the chest is in the cave with the Maggot Chest, on the left side of the Mausoleum.

A Scent Is The Key chest location

The chest is in the Mausoleum, on a platform by the wall, on the left side of the chasm. It’s across the abyss from the Spawn Chest. When you get the smell, make a run for the edge, then use the Ghost to show invisible platforms and jump to your destination. If you go there without the scent, an indestructible enemy will spawn to chase you away.