How to charge and use Agonarch Rune

Destiny: The Taken King update unlocked many new items that are not easily obtainable. Bungie made sure that they are very well hidden and players have to complete numerous steps which seem unrelated, but they lead you to some great rewards.
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One of these items is legendary Agonarch Rune.

How to obtain Agonarch Rune

In order to get Agonarch Rune head to Dreadnaught. You’ll have to defeat Taken enemies by completing Taken pubic events in the patrol mode. Look for a glowing ball of Taken light hovering over an area.

How to charge Agonarch Rune

You have to complete 7 steps in order to charge Agonarch Rune. These steps are killing 7 named enemies scattered through out the Dreadnaught. Defeating any of these enemies will charge the Agonarch Rune by one point. These enemies spawn when your step on glowing white circles that appear in Dreadnaught Patrol. Since the rune is transferable you can charge it with your other characters during the same day, so you can receive 3 of 7 points per day, and you can charge Agonarch Rune in three days!

Specific locations for the battles
There tends to be one in front of the stairs when you take an immediate right once starting your patrol. Another is in the mausoleum at the top of the hill where the Cabal ship entrance is. Also down in the gulley area of Hull Breach, off to your left from when you start patrolling. And near the entrance of the mausoleum from the Hall of Souls side. These are the most common areas. Just patrol and you’ll find them. (thanks Macha Tarvos)

How to use Agonarch Rune

After you have charged the rune, go to the Founts area in Patrol mode on Dreadnaught and use your charged Agonarch Rune by the chained cylinder at the beginning of the sunless cell strike. After defeating all enemies and a Zealot champion the Agonarch Rune chest will appear. One of rewards is the Calcified Fragment XXXVI.

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  1. A

    Also, for the Agonarch Rune, if you have a buddy that is fully charged, you can tag along when he uses his, and it will charge yours, as the event summons all 7 named bosses.

  2. M
    mike house

    well i just did this and it WAS NOT worth it,Calcified Fragment is useless once you’ve finished the quest for the 5 of them,they really should set it up to read what you have done and reward accordingly

    1. J

      Dude, you do know that there’s a total of 50 calcified fragments, right?

    2. B

      The reward is having fun. I did it alone and it was a nice challenge

    3. M
      Mephisto VI

      There is a quest from Eris Morn in the Tower that requires you to collect 45 of the fragments. Thus making this necessary and not useless.

  3. C

    My agonarch rune is stuck at 6/7 and i can’t seem to store it ?

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