Age of Triumph is Destiny’s final update

Destiny has gone through many changes since its inception, as we have already talked about in the first Age of Triumph piece of news. Bungie has been constantly trickling new content in and much of the old content stayed just that – old. The new update promises to rectify this.

Bungie has been working on Destiny 2 for some time, so Age of Triumph is considered a “swan song” for the popular co-op shooter. Some raids, such as Vault of Glass or Crota’s End have been showing their age for some time, and as the players reached higher and higher levels they yielded lesser and lesser prizes. Bungie’s community manager, David Dague, stated recently that “Crota has undergone probably the most changes as part of Age of Triumph” and that they want to show off those changes and feel the players’ pulse on them.

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Age of Triumph will include a 13-page record book which will keep track and give rewards for certain activities. Bungie also included a personalized T-shirt in this feature, after completing a certain number of activities. You will still have to pay for the T-shirt, though! The first Destiny T-shirt comes to mind, with the eternal words from the time when Peter Dinklage was still the voice of the game: “That wizard came from the Moon!”

For those who are preparing for Destiny 2, Bungie states that character personalization, class, gender, race, hair, face, and markings will carry forward, for all those who reached level 20 and completed Black Garden story mission. There is a plan in the works to award the veteran accounts with something to honor the time they spent with Destiny.

Get ready, Guardians, because Age of Triumph will hit your Destiny on March 28 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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