Gwent Closed Beta Twitch Live Stream on March 14th

There’s another Gwent closed beta live stream incoming on Tuesday, March 14th. The developers will discuss the changes made in the latest large update from February 17th. It’s going live at 9 PM CET (12 PM PST) on the Twitch channel of CD Projekt Red. Fans will also get to have a short Q&A session with the developers during the event.

Gwent Closed Beta Live Stream on March 14th
Gwent Closed Beta Live Stream on March 14th

If you’re a Gwent fan, you’ve probably noticed that the updates and hotfixes have been incoming at a faster rate than usual. This is because the closed beta is slowly coming to an end, and the developers are working hard on balancing the game out before the open beta stage. There’s a lot of back and forth on these changes, and every change seems to anger at least one fan whose deck is now moot. We’ve written before on the Gwent closed beta end rewards.

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The last large update came out on February 17th. It brought some pretty huge changes to the game, such as Commander’s Horn now bringing +4 to a row, or silver weather cards now only letting you choose one out of two weather effects. Faction-specific cards also underwent some very significant overhauls, again, to the point that the meta shifted noticeably.

If you’re wondering about all of these alterations, and/or a re just a Gwent fan in general, you should tune into the CD Projekt Red Twitch channel on Tuesday, March 14th, at 12 PM PST (9 PM CET). The developers of Gwent will talk about the update and also answer player questions. They’ll play a few live matches with the fans, as well.

The live stream will certainly prove to be pretty informative. You should definitely check it out and hear why the devs felt that all of these changes were necessary. In the meantime, check out our Gwent deck builder and our Gwent card database.

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