Destiny Best Glimmer farming location

Once you hit level 20, go to the Moon – Shrine of Oryx mission, you can use this guide for low level character as well (14), but I don’t think that you should farm anything before level 20. Choose the highest difficulty level that you can do, because in that case a majority of the Hive will drop 25 glimmer upon death or 43 when consuming Black Wax Idol item – this increases the glimmer drop on yellow health bar enemies, while also awarding a noticeable amount for lesser kills.
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You should go through The Hellmouth, The Gatehouse, then Circle of Bones, and then the Hall of Wisdom until you reach respawning restricted zone. There will be 8 Hallowed Acolyte and each drop 25 (43 with consumable) Glimmer. When you kill them all jump of the edge and you’ll respawn very close to this location again.

The best part of this mission is the fact that these enemies and the final boss are almost 100% likely to drop at least one more Black Wax Idol, allowing you to repeat the mission grind as many times as you would like. They also drop Silken Codex, that can be sold to Cryptarch for 200 Glimmer.


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