Destiny Venus Dead Ghost Locations Guide

On the planet Venus 14 well hidden Dead Ghosts are waiting for you to be revived. If you follow our path described in the table below you will start in the eastern part of the map where 11 Dead Ghosts are located (with an exception of dead ghost number one that is really close to the Venus landing point).
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Ghosts no. 12 and 13 are in the western part of the Venus. Dead Ghost number 14 is inside Strike The Nexus.

Note: I would like to thank player Matteoallienkill for helping me revive all dead ghost on Venus.

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#1Sub Area – HeadlandsGhost Fragment – The Shattered Coast
#2Sub Area – The Shattered Coast
Ghost Fragment – Human 2
A Stranger’s Call” In front of the ruined Depot you will find a few cars. Dead ghost is on what’s left of the back seat.
#3Sub Area – Ishtar AcademyGhost Fragment – New Monarchy
#4Sub Area – Ishtar CommonsGhost Fragment – Awoken 2
#5Sub Area – Hall of WhispersGhost Fragment – Legends
#6Sub Area – Ishtar CommonsGhost Fragment – Vex
#7Sub Area – N/Gen BranchGhost Fragment – Exo 2
#8Sub Area – Ishtar CliffsGhost Fragment – Ghosts
#9Sub Area – Waking RuinsGhost Fragment – Hive
#10Sub Area – Campus 9Ghost Fragment – Vex 2
#11Sub Area – Endless StepsGhost Fragment – Hunter
#12Sub Area – Ember CavesGhost Fragment – Thorn
#13Sub Area – Winter’s LairGhost Fragment – The Dark Age 2
#14Sub Area – Dig Site 4Ghost Fragment – Vex 3
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    #11 left me the ghost fragment-The Darkness 4

  2. E

    For #14 you don’t actually need to be in the Nexus strike. You can access Dig Site 4 by flying through the window above the stairs that is otherwise blocked by the door. There will be Vex down there, and the ghost.

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