Destiny Mars Dead Ghost Locations Guide

Players can revive 17 Dead Ghosts on the planet Mars. All ghosts can be acquire while completing 2 missions.
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Before we start take the mission The Garden’s Spire, where you’ll collect dead ghosts no. 1-12. Finish the mission and accept a new one The Black Garden, where ghosts no. 13-17 are waiting for you. These missions reveals places that are not accessible through a free roam.

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#1Sub Area – The BarrensGhost Fragment – Cabal
#2Sub Area – The HollowsGhost Fragment – Legends 3
#3Sub Area – Dust PalaceGhost Fragment – The Golden Age
#4Sub Area – OverwatchGhost Fragment – Exo
#5Sub Area – The Buried CityGhost Fragment – Human 3
#6Sub Area – Tharsis JunctionGhost Fragment – The Buried City
#18Sub Area – Freehold StationGhost Fragment – The Golden Age 2 (newly added)
#7Sub Area – The DriftGhost Fragment – Human 4
#8Sub Area – ScablandsGhost Fragment – Mars
#9Sub Area – Firebase RubiconGhost Fragment – Future War Cult
#10Sub Area – Iron LineGhost Fragment – Cabal 2
#11Sub Area – TrenchworksGhost Fragment – Titan
#12Sub Area – The Legion’s KeepGhost Fragment – The Traveler 2
#13Sub Area – Giants’ PassGhost Fragment – Thorn 2
#14Sub Area – Valley of the KingsGhost Fragment – Awoken
#15Sub Area – Valley of the KingsGhost Fragment – Mysteries 2
#16Sub Area – Valley of the KingsGhost Fragment – The Queen’s Brother
#17Sub Area – Valley of the KingsGhost Fragment – The Queen
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  1. U

    You forgot the one that’s in the dark room just before Tharsis Junction its on top of one of the TVs hanging on one of the rooms pillars you just need to jump up on to it to get it

    1. N

      Yes there is a Ghost there, but it is bugged and doesnt appear for everyone for some unknown reason. I myself can’t seem to find it

    2. P

      Thanks for that tip. I’m missing two and that was one of them. Pretty easy to find since it’s glowing blue.

  2. O

    thanks for all the help much appreciated, and yes im part of that lame bug cant seem to find the ghost in the dark room either lame

  3. B

    Thank you for your help,this allowed me to get one up on a very irritating person

  4. A
    Angel Corazon

    There’s 4 in the Black Garden in case u guys don’t know.

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