How to farm max Vanguard Marks in under 4 hours

Farm Vanguard Marks Event CompletionIf you are wondering how to get Vanguard Marks quickly after level 20-24 here’s a great farming technique. Completing Strike Playlists, daily heroic story missions or public events rewards you with Vanguard Marks, a very important currency in Destiny.
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Unfortunately, players are limited to earning 100 Marks per week. Farming Vanguard Marks can be a boring process, but if you find a good public event loop you can max out your marks in under 4 hours. In this guide reddit user heyitsmejosh revealed his farming route on Earth. You will get at least 16 marks per hour and will probably average over 20, depending on your luck. Additionally, you can farm ascendant items and collect spinmetal while completing this route. You can do it solo, if you are high enough level and have arc weapons for the captains, or find a friend to help you.

Public events on Earth – Old Russia

There are six public events on Earth. If you know their schedule you can easily create a loop and start grinding Vanguard marks. Events are rated after completion based on the Guardians’ performance: gold tier rate gives you 4 Marks, Silver tier rate gives you 3 marks, and Bronze 2 Marks.

X = Every hour

  • Start with Defend the Warsat or kill boss event at the Mothyards at X:00: If you kill this one early enough you can make it to Skywatch where another event Defend Warsat OR Fallen & Hive warfor starts at X:00-05. If not, head towards The Divide
  • At X:10 event Defeat Devil Walker starts at the Divide. You should get there around X:10 or so if you can, the walker usually doesn’t show up before X:15.
  • At X:15-25 starts Defeat Extraction Crews event at the Steppes: Sometimes the event will show up sometimes it won’t, if no event shows up by X:27 head over to the Mothyards.
  • At X:30 Mothyards event Defend the Warsat or kill boss will start. This event always shows up. After completing it head to the Forgotten Coast as quickly as possible.
  • At X:36 Forgotten Coast event Kill Fallen Captain starts. The captain usually spawns right at X:36, but if it’s not out before X:39 go to the Divide either by orbiting and coming back or really fast on sparrow.
  • At X:40-45 Divide event Defeat Devil Walker starts again. Once completed head to the Steppes.
  • At X:45-55 starts the last event Defeat Extraction Crews in Steppes. This one rarely spawns, but sometimes you can find it.
GOSU TIP no. 1: Remember to harvest Spinmetal Leaves and Loot chests you come across as you go from one event to the other. You can exchange 50x Spinmetal at a vendor for Vanguard/Crucible Marks or use it to upgrade your end-game gear.
GOSU TIP no. 2: First public event you complete with gold tier achievement also rewards end-game crafting materials and extra gear. Later events do not reward this.
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  1. X
    Xander Cage

    Thanks for this, I’m definitely going to try it out.

  2. B

    what do you mean by “X:??”

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      X = Every hour

  3. A
    A Flying Chicken

    Cool site. Thanks for the info. Best thing I like about this site is that I can view it at work. So please don’t put game in any of your meta/tag info or it will be blocked. Dam you sonic wall!! Also I started a Clan called ” Order of the Cowbell ” . I started it just because I’m looking to try and get the trophy for strike missions and it requires to be in a clan with 2 of your members from the clan involved with the strike mission. Also no one can die….. Hit me up on PS4 id is AfliyinxChicken or go to to join the clan. Thanxs in advanced!

  4. A

    I can’t figure out where the steppes are for the life of me. Where is it and whats the quickest route. Thanks a bunch for this write up.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      The Steppes are the sub-zone you land into once you land on Earth in Exploration mode.

      1. A

        Thanks, feel like an idiot not knowing that haha. Guess as soon as I land I usually cruise right away.

  5. Is there any videos showing this run? It would be very helpful.

    1. I

      So is it different in the UK? I stood in the mothyards at X:30 and nothing happened. I showed up early and waited a while.

  6. H

    you know when you steal someone elses guide from reddit you should at least give them credit for it..

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Before you accuse anyone of stealing or not giving the credit to a person for his/her work, please read the full guide. In our FIRST paragraph we stated “In this guide reddit user heyitsmejosh revealed his farming route on Earth.”

  7. L

    Hi. Thank you for that info. But who is the vender I can trade 50x spine metal for marks?

    1. A
      a sloppy joe

      I’m almost positive it’s the vanguard armory robot (Roni-and then some numbers/letters) in the hangar area. You can also trade them for crucible marks with the one of the crucible guys near the vanguard mentors in the central area.

  8. B
    Boots Of Escaping

    Tip: if it’s near, grab the patrol that rewards you simply for killing enemies in the area or killing enemies and collecting the triangles and you’ll complete a patrol as you do your event.

    These ones are easy because there’s no travel and you’ll already have to be shooting people during the public event. two birds with one stone. Even better if you have of the 6 patrols and cosmodrome bounty.

  9. X

    Some one may want to re-evaluate these times. It’s seem since the new patch that PEs are changed. X10 @devide didnt show then x30 @ mothyard wasnt until x53

  10. W

    In one of the recent updates, materials can no longer be traded for marks. Instead, it now goes the other way, you can trade marks for materials

  11. A

    Hi, does this still work ? and if not, where can i find an up to date route ? thanks

  12. M

    How does that work out to Max Vanguard Marks in 4 hours if you’re getting at best 20 Marks an hour? 4 x 20 = 80. Max Vanguard Marks per week is 100…

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