Destiny Vault of Glass Raid Guide

Since there are no waypoints that will help you complete the raid, we decided to compile this guide and share with you tips and strategies that we could find so far. We would like to thank CNDiviP, Callagan and DoubleBlindStudy for their hard work and sharing the most accurate information with the community.

Raid Loot

All loot that you get from bosses is private, and goes straight in your inventory. From the last boss you can get random drops, but armor is not guaranteed on normal mode.
Take a look at the possible raid drops.

Chest locations

You’ll find 3 chests inside the Raid. The first one you’ll see after you open the gate, the second and the third ones are in the Labyrinth. The second chest is to the very left of the entrance of the Labyrinth. You must jump up into a crack. The third one is on the right hand side.

Check out our video showing two chests hidden in Gorgon’s Labyrinth

General information about Vault of Glass Raid

  • Destiny’s first end-game Raid Vault of Glass is available even before you hit level 26, but you’ll have a huge problem staying alive and doing any damage to some mobs.
  • There is no online matchmaking for the raid, thus you can play it only with your friends or you can try to find a group on one of several Destiny’s LFG websites.
  • Raids have two difficulty levels: Normal and Hard. Upon completing a Raid on Normal, players can attempt the Hard-mode version of the Raid.
  • The Raid is not a limited time event, but it will only save your progress for one week.
  • Although you can run the raid as many times as you want per week on the same character, you can only receive loot once per week per character.
  • Loot that you get from bosses is private to you and it goes straight in your inventory.
  • Have at least one warlock with self-res in the group


Open the door. There are 3 zones one to the left, the right and directly below the big door. The objective is to activate and defend all 3 zones at once to raise a spire with a lazer that shoots and activates the door.

  • Put 2 people on each of the three circles. The mid two can help the sides when needed.
  • You DON’T have to stay in the circle once it’s up. But at least one should stay in close vicinity and keep the vex out.
  • The Praetorians are the biggest problem. Call them out and use the proper weapon for the shield.
STRATEGY: Divide your fireteam into 3 equal groups of 2 – higher level with a lower level. When you are ready clear out the starting vex and move into position around the zones. When all 3 groups are ready step into the zones until a big white barrier appears, if all 3 zones are activated you will see a message “the spire is forming”.

Now comes the difficult part. Groups of vex will spawn from 2 locations at each zone. There will be a very difficult Minotaur or about 3 hobgoblins and 3 goblins. Minotaur is pretty difficult to defeat. Use fusion rifles with void damage to take down its shield, than finish him off with a heavy weapon. The groups of hobgoblins and goblins aren’t very hard to kill. If the vex enter the zone you will lose control and the progress on your spire will degrade. YOU DO NOT NEED TO STAND IN THE ZONE TO KEEP CONTROL. All you have to do is capture it once and you can freely leave but you must keep the vex out. If you manage to kill enough waves of vex until the spire is formed, you’ll be able to enter the vault of Glass! Enter the raid and continue forward to find a chest with your reward.

The Templar

  • You defend the middle, then the two sides, then all three.
  • The “diseased” mobs drop debuff circles. Get rid of your debuffs before the ritual goes off by running into the glowing middle circle
  • Glowing circle has limited uses. Try not to fail
The fight with the second boss begins when you jump down from a ledge onto a big square stone platform. The “templar” will spawn. Your goal is simple, there will be a big lazer that spawns directly underneath where you landed that you must protect from the oncoming vex. Kill each wave until you have 2 machines to protect, one on the left and one on the right. When you kill enough waves you will get a message “a horde is coming”. A huge number of green slimy mobs will spawn, and when killed, they drop a large green puddle on the ground. AVOID THIS PUDDLE. If you walk into it you will become marked. Occasionally the boss “the templar”, (you still can’t damage him) will caste a global nuke. It will damage you only if you are marked. Clear this mark by running into a large fountain of light in the middle of the room. Once you defend 2 of the machines, it will move onto 3 machines. One to each side and one in the back. Defend all 3 from the waves of vex and you will be rewarded with a piece of loot or crafting materials. You fail during this fight by allowing the vex to sacrifice themselves to the machines. Simply kill them before they reach machines. This part is not very difficult.

The Templar (part 2)
  • Oracles spawn at locations designated by musical tones. You have to defeat them quickly or you’ll die due to debuff overload.
  • Hobgoblins spawn on the pillars around the arena. I’d recommend putting someone on them before they get out of hand.
After you defend the machines, your objective will be “kill the oracles“. The oracles are HUGE yellow balls of light. Music will alert you of their arrival, and they’ll spawn at locations designated by musical tones. This phase is very simple, kill the oracles every time they spawn, it may seem like you are doing something wrong because this phase takes a long time, but you aren’t just kill the oracles and wait for the next checkpoint, if you fail at killing an oracle you will be marked by the boss, “same mark as the yellow pools” and promptly killed when the boss does his nuke. kill enough oracles to reach the next checkpoint.

The Templar (part 3)

  • Put someone good on the relic. Then use it to defeat mobs, clean debuffs, and blow up the Templar’s shield.
  • Once the shield goes down, someone gets trapped. Pew pew to get out. Just not with a rocket launcher.
  • Everyone else focus on the Templar
Now the fight with the actual boss begins. The boss will spawn an item in the middle of the room, called the relic. This item is extremely important and must be held by one of your members during the entire fight, or you will wipe. When you pick up the relic you receive a shield weapon. The relic does massive damage to enemies when you melee with it, so you want to use it to kill as many adds in the fight as possible. Once you grab the relic, the boss will spawn. He shoots purple missiles that do big damage, and one shot melee attack if you get too close.

YOU CANNOT DAMAGE THE BOSSES SHIELD WITH CONVENTIONAL ATTACKS. This is where the relic comes into play. The relic has a super ability that when shot at the boss instantly removes his shield allowing you to attack him. When this happens every player has a chance to be trapped in a red globe. You must kill the globe before it kills you. It’s not a hard mechanic simply shoot it with your primary until its gone, and than promptly switch to the boss since your time to damage him is very limited. During the entire fight tons and tons of harpies will spaw. There is an endless stream, just try to ignore them as best you can, unless you have the relic, because killing them gives a large chunk of super energy. Oracles also spawn during entire fight. It’s only one at a time, but if you do happen to miss one and you become marked, the relic has another ability to cleanse the entire fireteam. When the relic holder removes the Templar’s shield ALL dps MUST switch to the boss. The boss has a softcare enrage mechanic in which oracles begin spawning at an alarming rate as well as minotaurs. If you hit this soft enrage you don’t have a chance to succeed. This boss toke us about 2 hours to complete, but once you understand the mechanics and set up some coordination you should be collecting your loot in no time!

Gorgon’s maze

  • You have to sneak past them. No weapons, no double jump, no supers.
  • Cloak does work
  • If ANYONE is seen, everyone die.
  • Find a little cave in the floor to past this part
The Labyrinth, this zone has little white mobs that float in the air that patrol the zone. If any of these mobs sees you, your fireteam will be instantly killed and you must start over. The objective is to go through the zone without being detected.

STRATEGY: from where you spawn run forward and wait for the white mob to patrol around a rock, you will then run left toward the middle of the zone, but staying on the left side the entire time. You will find an area with 4 stone pillars. Directly in front of one of the pillars is a small cave opening that leads you out of the zone.

THE JUMPING PUZZLE: The next zone is a jumping puzzle. Huge rock platforms spawn in the air and quickly disappear in a set pattern. Observe the pattern until you realize where it leads. The objective is to reach a small ledge on the far side of the canyon. If you die, the checkpoint is right at the start of the puzzle.TIP: When you come about halfway across the canyon jump off a rock platform and use your boost jump to get to the ledge.

Opening the gate

A huge room with lots of adds will be in front of you. Kill the gatekeeper and the hobgoblins. There are 2 portals. In order to activate the portals use the same tactic you did when opening the door (Spire part).
  • Kill the normal gatekeeper
  • Split the party. 2-3 go in the portals, others stay out to keep them open and to defend the middle thing.
  • Middle thing is turret defense. Minotaurs spawn from the actual gate constantly and are the only mobs that can kill the middle pylon.
  • Left portal has Praetoreans and the right one has hobgoblins.
  • Kill the gatekeeper in each portal. Grab the relic when you’re done. If it gets dropped for too long you’ll die.
  • Relic person has to leave the portal LAST or the people get stuck on the wrong side.
  • Debuff will make you blink. Use relic to clean it.
  • After you get through the portals and kill any oracles that may appear above the gates, a pillar begins to form in the center. Vex will charge at it and try to sacrifice themselves, if they do this, you all die.
  • Last boss teleports the 3 furthest players into one of the gates (random). The other three have to open the gate, 2 charge in and help, the other defends the gate from one hit kamakaze Vex, and keeps it open. Do this twice and the boss is weakened considerably, and easier to damage.
  • You don’t have to kill the vex in the portal, just the oracles. There is a path around the area so you don’t have to kill the vex. Once the oracles are all dead, portal out and attack the boss while it is weak.

The Gatekeepers: Activate one of the two portals. One will be a desert version of the room you were just in, and the other will be a rainforest version. The portal takes some time to open, but only requires one person in its circle. Once the portal opens, send only one or two people in. You’ll need the rest to protect the portal and the column (more on that later). Inside the portal, you’ll see some adds and another Gatekeeper. Kill the Gatekeeper ASAP while heading towards the back of the room. If you take too long, your vision will turn black and it’ll be nearly impossible to leave. Once the Gatekeeper dies, a Relic will drop. One player will need to pick it up and exit quickly before he can’t see anymore. Once he exits, the grenade key can be held to clear the vision debuff. Send the Relic player and one other player into the second portal. Just like the first portal, kill the Gatekeeper and have the player without a Relic collect the one that drops. However, the player with the first relic can clear the vision debuff, so you don’t need to rush as hard.

Outside the portals, a column will appear in the middle of the room sometime after you open the first portal. The Vex will attempt to sacrifice themselves to it. The players outside must defend it until both Relics are collected. If any Vex manage to sacrifice themselves, an Oracle will spawn and must be killed immediately. Both Relics must fire their supers into the column to proceed. Once the column disappears, the real fight starts.

Boss Atheon, the Devourer of Hours: Atheon appears at the top of the stairs. With his appearance, both Relics disappear. Around 15 seconds after he appears, he will teleport the three players furthest away from him to one of the two portals, as well as spawn several Supplicants in his room.

Inside – The players will appear across the room from the exit portal next to a Relic. One player will need to pick up the Relic in order to cleanse the vision debuff. The adds in the room deal lots of damage, so approach carefully. Seven oracles will spawn one after the other. Kill them quickly while making your way over to the exit portal. Once they’re killed, everyone (both in and out of the portal) gets a buff called Time’s Vengeance. Make sure to cleanse the vision debuff again once you leave the portal.

Outside – Send one player to open whichever portal the teleported players are in. The other two need to kill the Supplicants. Supplicants will sometimes shoot you, but their true danger is their self-destruct. They’re very quick and tend to camp around the portals. If not dealt with, they’ll kill the inside players before anyone can react.

Once all six players are outside, you need to do as much damage to the boss as possible. Damage to the boss is increased and everyone’s supers and grenades refresh in two seconds as long as Time’s Vengeance is active. If not done quickly enough the boss will enrage. The Relic has a super attack that, while very vulnerable, can deal huge damage to the boss. Once Time’s Vengeance wears off, the three players furthest from Atheon will again be teleported to one of the two portals.

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    The super for the relic is the same as your characters use LB + RB for xbox, L1 + R1 for ps4.

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    Oh shoot, and I forgot to add. Only the minotaur can take control of the “control” points. Gobs and hobs are not a problem when it comes to maintaining your ring.

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