How to farm Vanguard Rep, Faction Rep and Vanguard Marks in Destiny

When you start your journey throughout mysterious worlds of Destiny, there will be many questions without answer. At the very beginning your first confusion will be about reputation and mark gaining, when you come across different vendors in the Tower.
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If you still haven’t resolved this puzzle, let’s take a closer look at different currencies and their roles.

Vanguard Marks

Vanguard Mark is a type of currency in Destiny, that players can use for buying end-game gear. You can obtain it in several ways listed below:
  • Once you hit level 16, you’ll unlock Strike Playlist, known as high level strikes. Your Strike Playlist will be unlocked in the navigation menu in orbit, next to the Crucible option. There are 4 playlists: level 18, 20, 22 and 24. When you create a Fireteam, you’ll enter a random strike. Level 18 strike gives you no marks, level 20 gives you 2, level 22 gives you 3, and level 24 gives you 6 Vanguard Marks. You’ll also obtain a small amount of Vanguard Reputation ranging from 10 to 20.
  • If you find a good grinding route for completing Public events you can farm 20 Vanguard Marks per hour.
  • At level 20, you unlock the daily heroic story missions and weekly heroic strike, with modifiers such as enemies do extra melee damage or enemies are more vulnerable to certain types of damage. Weekly heroic strike resets every Tuesday and awards you with 3 Vanguard marks, +150 Vanguard rep and 3 Strange coins used for buying Exotic gear from a Black Market vendor Xur, who appears in the Tower zone during the weekend. You’ll need at least 11 Strange coins per weapon/gear item. The prices in stock vary from 1 to 23 coins. The cheapest items are consumables that last 30 minutes. If you don’t know where to find this vendor take a look at our guide Strange coins vendor location.
  • Exchanging items (Spinmetal available on Earth or Helium vials on the Moon) with the Vanguard Quartermaster rewards you with Vanguard Marks.

Vanguard Reputation

Just like marks, Vanguard reputation allows you to get end-level gear. The list below presents the most common ways of gaining Vanguard rep.
  • Participating in public events will give you great rewards and vanguard reputation.
  • You will also receive rep for completing Strikes and handing in bounties.
  • Completing Patrols rewards you with +10 Vanguard rep.
  • If you’re wearing Faction item, you will no longer receive Vanguard reputation, but Faction Reputation.
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Faction Reputation

There are three factions in Destiny: Dead Orbit, New Monarchy and Future War Cult. Once you hit level 20, you can start farming Faction reputation. When you buy a faction item specific for your class – a cloak, mark or bond, and equip it, that will converts Vanguard rep into Faction of choice Rep. It means that if you do a patrol mission or strike with equipped faction item, you will get Faction Rep instead of Vanguard Rep.

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