Destiny Vehicles Guide

You’ll get your first vehicle during the fourth story mission The Warmind in the Steppes. You can skip second and third missions and jump into this one right after the tutorial mission A Guardian Rises, but we don’t recommend doing that if you are not a skilled player.
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Before you can drive your vehicle, you have to spawn your Ghost (PS4 and Xbox One controls guide), which will give you the option to summon your vehicle. While on vehicle, press L2 to activate Booster, and accelerate to higher speed. Use R2 to break and corner more aggressively.

During the fights, your vehicle can be damaged or completely destroyed. Heavy weapons and grenades are extremely powerful weapons against your vehicles. Vehicle health bar is split up into thirds, but it only regenerate to the nearest third. You can’t repair it, and if it is completely damaged, it will probably explode on first impact with any target or obstacle. Depending on the vehicle type, you can die during that explosion, if you drive it in that particular moment. If your vehicle blows, don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a new one, just wait a few minutes until a cool down timer expires. When a vehicle explodes it deals blast damage that can kill enemies in the immediate vicinity.


Destiny sparrow Sparrows are fast, non-combat, ground vehicle. Unlike other ground vehicles, if it blows up, you’ll not die, you’ll only be knocked off. Once you obtain the first Sparrow and get some Glimmer look for Sparrow upgrades in Tower Hangar. You can also get S-20 Seeker Sparrow upgrade by collecting all Golden Chest in Old Russia. Upgraded Sparrows have increased health, speed, and better air brake maneuverability.


destiny pike The Pike is a hover vehicle used by the Fallen and armed with rapid-fire Arc cannons. You will come across one during the first mission on the Moon – The Dark Beyond. Guardians can pilot the Pike, but you can’t posses it or summon it. While on the Pike, tap the R1 or L1 buttons to shoot left or right, or hold the trigger to fire the cannons. When you activate the Booster you can’t strafe any more. When you dismount, the vehicle will not despawn, and any other guardian can use it. In the air, shooting causes you to perform a barrel roll, which makes this vehicles highly maneuverable weapons in a fight.

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