Destiny Festival of The Lost Guide

Festival of the Lost is a special Halloween event in Destiny. It causes social spaces to change, with new, thematic decorations all around.
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It adds new items into the game, at least temporarily, which are in the spirit of the popular holiday. This year is the second time it will be taking place, and it’s going to bring new ornaments, masks, emotes and more. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Destiny Festival of the Lost.

Superblack Armor Shader

If you’re wondering how to get Superblack armor shader, the answer is simple. You just need to complete a short quest:
  1. Begin the quest by talking to Eva Levante. She is located in The Tower, The Last City on Earth. The quest involves collecting candy from other NPCs.
  2. Visit Eris Morn, she will give you tiny box of raisins instead of candy.
  3. Visit the Speaker, combine the tiny box of raisins with 25 motes of light to get Ascendant Raisins.
  4. Talk to Zavala and exchange Ascendant Raisins for Salted Sweets.
  5. Go to Master Rahool the Cryptarch, and exchange Salted Sweets for Winged Chew.
  6. Visit Amanda Holiday and exchange Winged Chew for Splice Drops.
  7. Talk to Cayde-6, exchange Splice Drops for Unchocolate.
  8. Go to Eris Morn and exchange Unchocolate for a Bag of Treats. Open the Bag of Treats from your inventory and you will recieve the Superblack Armor Shader.

Lost Broom Sparrow skin

If you want to pimp your ride with style, check out the Lost Broom that is found in the Tower hangar.
  1. Go to The Tower hangar
  2. Go to the bar – the room where you can buy emotes
  3. Pass the counter and on the right side you will see 2 shelves.
  4. Jump up on the crates and pick up the Lost Broom from the 2nd shelf.
  5. Enjoy your new sweet ride.

Uncommon Engram Mask

The first mask that you can obtain from Eva Levante is the Uncommon Engram Mask.
  1. Begin the quest by talking to Eva Levante.
  2. Visit (in any order): Cayde-6, Commander Zavala, Eris Morn, the Speaker, the Cryptarch, Lord Shaxx and Ikora Ray
  3. Go to Eva Levante and she will hand you the Uncommon Engram Mask

Cryptarch, Speaker & Crota mask

If you collect 150 sweets to fill your Candy satchel, you can go to Eva Levante and get one of these great masks.
  1. Begin the quest by talking to Eva Levante, who will give you the empty candy satchel.
  2. You must collect 150 sweets by defeating players or monsters in the world
  3. Bring the full candy satchel to Eva Levante.
  4. Choose beetween 3 masks: the Speaker mask, the Cryptarch mask and the Crota mask. You can also choose a Mystery Bag as a reward (which contains Flight of shadows, Jackolytes and a Shader)
  5. Don’t forget to speak with Eva one more time, so you can receive another Empty Candy Satchel – so you can collect other masks.

Saladin Mask

You can unlock this cool mask just by going to Thyra Karn and talking to her.
  1. Go to Iron Temple at Felwinter Peak
  2. Find Thyra Karn and speak to her
  3. You will receive the Saladin Mask

Festival of The Lost 2016 loot

Thanks to the ever-watchful dataminers of Reddit, we got a sneak peek at this year’s items. Here are the images they managed to pull out of the game:

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