Gwent In-Game Currency - How to Get It?

Gwent in-game currency information was first revealed during the official pre-closed Beta live stream. Team GWENT officials introduced us to this mechanic which is vital to player progress in the game. If you look at the top right corner of the game’s screen (while in menus), you will see three icons. These represent different currencies in the game – Ore (represented by a small stone icon), Scraps (), and Kegs (presented by a barrel icon). In-game currency allows players to buy new cards and craft cards of their own.

Gwent Ore

Gwent Ore In Game CurrencyThe icon of a rock with golden streaks represents Ore. Ore is the principal in-game currency. You earn it by playing matches versus other players or playing adventures and completing quests. When closed beta gets released we will certainly learn more about different ways to earn Ore in Gwent.

Once you have enough Ore you can go to the in-game shop and trade it to a friendly troll there. The troll will then break a keg open to reveal your cards. You’ll be able to buy Ore with real money through in-game purchases.

Gwent Scraps – card crafting

The green scroll icon represents Scraps, which is another type of currency in the game primarily used for card crafting. Card crafting wasn’t shown in the live stream, but here’s the information we do know. Card crafting is done in the Collection section of the game. It is presumed that you get scraps as you disassemble duplicate cards. You can also earn scraps by playing the game. Players will be able to buy Scraps with real money via in-game purchases.Once you have enough scraps you can craft new cards on the Collection screen. Amount of scraps you need to spend changes depending on the rarity and quality of the card you want to make. Better the card means you need more scraps.

Gwent Kegs

Gwent Shop In Game Currency KegKeg icon really only shows you how many unopened kegs you have. Each keg rewards you with 4 random cards and then you get to choose the fifth card from three that are offered. Keg opening process was first supposed to be shown during the official pre-closed Beta livestream, but they seem to have forgotten to do it. With an apology, a video was released on the official Gwent Facebook page showing the process. You can see that video bellow.

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