Destiny House Of Wolves Preview Video Released

Over on their official blog, Bungie have released a preview video for Destiny’s next expansion, House Of Wolves. It’s full of footage of new activities, quests and areas, with developers talking about what they were aiming for with these new additions.

The story missions will revolve around the Fallen’s betrayal of the Queen, and her thirst for vengeance.
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Led by it, she decides to open up the Reef and let the Guardians collect bounties. Petra Venj is her agent at Queen’s Bay, the one you’ll communicate with regarding all Queen-related matters.

Prison of Elders is a three player cooperative arena that opens up after you’ve finished the story missions, a place where the most dangerous criminals reside. Variks is the vendor that is in charge of entrance and rewards. This is where you’ll farm Etheric Light, most likely. One of the additional challenge modes is level 35 (and the level cap will be raised to level 34), so this seems like the place to be when you max out your character.

Trials Of Osiris is the end-game PvP mode, which includes two three-strong teams clashing in an Elimination regime. You’ll need a Fireteam, and there’ll be no re-spawns. The winners will get awesome Osiris-themed gear, while the losers will get to try again. Brother Vance is the person to talk to if you want to access the Trials.

There will be three new Crucible maps:
  • Black Shield – Takes place on Phobos, in an abandoned Cabal outpost. Great for Control and Skirmish.
  • Thieves’ Den – Abandoned Fallen outpost on Venus. It has a focal point in the middle, where most of the battling seems to end up.
  • Widow’s Court – Asymmetrical map on Earth, in the European Dead Zone. Good both for sniping and close combat.
The Shadow Thief is a new cooperative strike on the Moon, in the Fallen Ketch, where you’ll track a Fallen captain through a series of obstacles until you finally wear him down and pass judgement.

Top that with large amounts of new gear and the ability to upgrade legendary items, and you’ve got one nice, meaty expansion. House of Wolves is set to release on May 19.

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