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Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves Trailer

Destiny Expansion House of Wolves Trailer

House of Wolves is the second Destiny Expansion. In this new adventure Guardians will hunt the Fallen in new Story missions and search for mysterious…

house of wolves preview video

House Of Wolves Preview Video Released

Over on their official blog, Bungie have released a preview video for Destiny’s next expansion, House Of Wolves. It’s full of footage of new activities,…

prison of elders reveal video

Prison Of Elders Reveal Video

Yesterday, Bungie held a livestream tour event on the official Twitch channel. In it, they’ve shown The Prison Of Elders, the new Destiny end-game activity…

prison of elders teaser

Prison Of Elders Teaser For House Of Wolves

Bungie have announced another livestream tour for Destiny’s next expansion, House Of Wolves. The stream, scheduled for tomorrow, will cover the Prison Of Elders –…

trials of Osiris video

Trials Of Osiris Video

During yesterday’s livestream, Bungie has shown off the new Trials of Osiris mode, which will be coming to Destiny in the House of Wolves expansion….

trials of Osiris teaser

Trials of Osiris Teaser For House Of Wolves

Bungie is hosting another Twitch livestream tour for House Of Wolves, the upcoming expansion for Destiny. They’ve published a teaser trailer to announce the event,…

destiny gear upgrade

Gear Upgrades In House Of Wolves

Bungie has revealed how new gear upgrades will work in Destiny’s House Of Wolves expansion. During yesterday’s livestream, they announced the new cap at 365…

destiny queen's bay social space

Queen’s Bay Social Space Detailed

Queen’s Bay is the official name of the new social space we’ll be seeing in The Reef, once the House of Wolves expansion hits Destiny….

destiny material exchange

Material Exchange To Be Added In House Of Wolves

During yesterday’s livestream, Bungie have revealed that material exchange will be coming to Destiny along with the House Of Wolves expansion. Players have been wanting…

house of wolves the reef video

The Reef Teaser For House Of Wolves

Bungie has released a new teaser trailer for House of Wolves, in preparation for the livestream that will be showing off the Reef and the…

destiny house of wolves legendary upgrade

Weapon Upgrade Paths In House Of Wolves

It’s only been a few days since update 1.1.2 has gone live, and Bungie are already discussing 1.2.0. This nice, round number hides the House…

destiny update 1.1.2 data mining

House Of Wolves Info In Update 1.1.2

Hard-working data miners of Reddit have stepped up once more, wrangling secret information out of Destiny. Of course, none of this has official confirmation, so…

destiny trials of osiris

Tour Events For House Of Wolves Scheduled

As the impending release of Destiny’s House Of Wolves expansion inches closer, developers from Bungie have decided to reveal more information about the contents of…

house of wolves dlc prologue

House of Wolves Prologue Video

Bungie have released the prologue video from House of Wolves, the next expansion for Destiny. In it, the Queen speaks of the ones she once…

House Of Wolves Mysterious Download

Following the recent leak of information and screenshots, it seems the drama surrounding Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC isn’t going to end anytime soon. The…

Destiny’s House Of Wolves Release Date Rumored

House Of Wolves Leaked Screenshots

Following rumors regarding the release date for Destiny’s House of Wolves, a gallery of screenshots has been leaked onto the internet. These include pictures of…

Destiny Image

Destiny House Of Wolves Release Date Rumored

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Japanese reddit user megamanexe4, we now have some juicy Destiny rumors to be cautiously excited about. While digging through…