How to gain legendary marks in Destiny The Taken King

The Taken King is the latest Destiny update which comes with a handful of changes, and some of them affect the way Legendary Marks can be earned. Once you collect enough marks, you can also visit the Cryptarchs who will exchange Legendary Marks for Legendary Engrams.
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According to the Taken King Patch notes there are several different ways in which players can get Legendary Marks:

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destiny legendary marks

How to get Legendary Marks

  • Legendary marks are only available once you hit level 40
  • Legendary Marks are now earnable by completing Daily Story Chapters, Weekly Heroic Strikes, Daily PVP Activities, Weekly PVP Activities
  • Daily Crucible Playlist (account-wide) gives you 15 Legendary Marks
  • Daily Story Mission (account-wide) gives you 15 Legendary Marks
  • You can get 3-5 legendary marks for dismantling Year Two Legendary items, depending on if they are fully leveled or not.
  • Heroic Strikes earn bonus rewards on weekly completion: +10 Legendary Marks (3 times per account)
Quest NameLegendary Marks
High-Value Targets20
The Taken War – Venus20
The Taken War – Earth20
The Taken War – Mars20
Neverending Battle25
The Vanguard’s Hand25


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