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A Quiet Exit is the 45th mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. In it, you and Quiet will have to defend yourselves from a Soviet tank unit. This is also the mission that ends Quiet’s personal story. Be prepared to bleed.

metal gear solid 5 a quiet exit

How To Unlock Mission 45

In order to unlock this story mission, you’ll have to finish Side Op 150 – Secure Quiet. Be wary, though. Mission 45 starts as soon as you finish Side Op 150, and you won’t be able to abort it. Whatever you do, the game will keep putting you back into the mission until you finish it.

The loadout you choose for the side op will follow you into the main mission, so you best come prepared to fight tanks and armored vehicles.

Mission text

Extract Quiet, who has been captured by the Soviets.

Made contact with Quiet

You’ll find her at Lamar Khaate Palace, where she’s being held prisoner.

Eliminated the Soviet mechanized unit

After she frees herself, you’ll have to fight a bunch of tanks and armored vehicles coming in from the east. If you’re looking to destroy them, your best bet would be littering the place with mines and using a rocket launcher with homing missiles. Never stay in one place too long, to avoid being blown to bits.

Obtained Quiet’s cassette tape

mgs5 a quiet exit walkthroughAfter you’re revived, follow the footprints in the sand until you reach three trees growing closely together. The tape will be hanging from a branch.

Extracted 7 tanks and 7 armored vehicles

mgs5 phantom pain mission 45The easiest way to extract the 14 vehicles is by calling in a sandstorm and using the Wormhole Fulton device. They won’t be able to see you that way, and you’ll be able to lift them up regardless of weather and without the possibility of the balloons being shot. Use night vision goggles or Noctocyanin to counter the low visibility.

Completed the mission without Quiet taking damage

We haven’t been able to complete this task, but we’ll update the guide as soon as we do.

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  1. H

    The tanks and armoured vehicles seem to disregard the stealth camouflage as well as the sandstorm (and chicken hat, first time I tried it on) and will attack as soon as you’re in range. Also, Make sure Quiet isn’t shooting the APCs as she has a nasty habit of destroying them sooner or later. Cease Cover then wait until the tanks reach the palace to extract them. Some of them will remain stationary on the dunes so you’ll have to bait a cannon shot and run towards them. This is by far the worst mission task I’ve come across because of the countless adds that spawn with the vehicles.

    1. G

      Best way is use parasite suit with armor

  2. C

    She took no damage and I got an S rank. All thanks to the fully upgraded javelin and upgraded armor

  3. R

    Whew. I finally extracted the armored vehicles and tanks.

    The sandstorm was good though it’s still quite hard since Quiet doesn’t shoot enemy infantries quickly.

  4. B

    I managed to complete it without Quiet taking damage by using alot of decoys. Used infinite ammo bandana to keep the maximum number of decoys spread out all over the place.

  5. T

    If you’re having trouble with the extraction task you can get the Raiden costume. With it you’ll outrun everything and everyone through the sandstorm – even if they see you, you can run so fast to the other side of the map they’ll still think you’re there. You can die pretty quick though – I think the suit has the same protection as regular fatigues.

    As for normal troops on the ground I used a grenade launcher to kill them quickly without having to aim a lot. Hope this helps!

  6. M

    The best way to fulton the tanks is to just die a couple of time, get the chicken hat, then die a couple more times and get the small chick hat, that makes normal enemies completely ignore you, then you just call for a sandstorm and have fun, the tanks will still see you, but if you let them stop on their own, they’ll mostly ignore you, the main issue is the foot soldiers, don’t let them bunch up or you’ll die regardless of the armor you’re wearing, if you tell quiet to stand down (cease cover) and put a lot of decoys all around, you can complete all 3 objectives on one go, it’s not easy even with all that, but it’s the least frustrating wat.

  7. T
    Tom Lasten

    Great mission but can be really frustrating without using a tonne of decoys. Very impressed so far though. Tom

  8. I

    does this mission count as one you have to complete to get the cyborg ninja suit? I would like to have the suit but i also don’t want quiet to leave.

  9. M

    For me it was lots of supply drops, change weather to sandstorm and just run and fulton. Took me a few tries because of that damn chopper, but on the 5th try it just stopped moving for some reason and i could blast it (even with my crappy grom). The feels at the end though…..the feels….

  10. H

    Ask for a GRM-25 lvl 2 -no precious material wasted since supplies will eventually come for the 2-amo and minimum damage of difference- and have either a heavy machinegun or a shotgun to stop those damn cheater soldiers. Using EMNs from where you arrive will also stop the middle reinforcements way before reaching the palace.

    S-rank granted without her taking damage.
    Tanks’ extraction however is another story.
    Don’t waste your time or your pride trying to do both objectives at once. It’s simply not designed to be that way.

    Thanks for the unnecessary cheating, Konami. I’m hating this mission like few things I’ve hated in my life.

    1. G

      I agree. F&*k this mission entirely.

  11. O
    obviusly not quiet

    This mission is Sooooooo easy other than Sahelanthropus mission bullshit
    (just kidding Lol)

  12. E

    I just did this and got 5/5 tasks, it is possible. I recorded a good chunk of gameplay during. If gosunoob wants my video I would be more than happy to provide it and my tactics for this mission.

    Just let me know

  13. R

    I got the Quiet takes no damage objective on my first try. The trick is just making sure she stands down at all times. She’ll find a perch up in the palace, and you dash behind the buildings where they keep prisoners so there’s a fair bit of distance between the two of you. As long as you have the enemy’s attention and she doesn’t do anything to distract them again (just keep checking periodically to make sure she doesn’t go rogue and start covering you), you’ll be fine. I ended up taking 156 hits. Quiet took 0.

  14. M
    Michael C

    I found a way to abandon the mission without finishing if you have the wormhole fulton there is a materials container next to the palace hop on top fulton and then the icon to self extract will pop up use it and you can go back to life as usual no endless loop

  15. C

    The strategy for capturing all the vehicles works, but it is a little finnicky as you have to wait for the vehicles to stop before you can Fulton them. Ultimately it was a little annoying but not the hardest thing I’ve done in this game. S Ranking it is easy – just bring your best rocket launcher (be sure to reequip it after meeting up with Quiet as she gives you a rubbish Grade 3 GROM) and a Grade 5 Battle Dress and destroy everything as fast as possible. I did it in under 10 minutes 16 seconds~ and got an S Rank on my second try.

  16. C

    The equipment requirements to complete the extraction side objective is very high. Do not bother if you do not have higher grade equipments (which require sky high MB levels to develop).

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