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Destiny’s new expansion Rise of Iron introduces new Iron Lord Artifacts that can be used by any class. There are eight Iron Lord and three Cosmetic artifacts. Once you obtain and equip eight Iron Lords artifacts you’ll unlock the Student of History trophy. These artifacts can be equipped only on level 40 characters. Cosmetic Artifacts can be bought from Tess Everis for 15 Silver Dust each.

iron lord artifacts

How to obtain Iron Lord Artifacts

After completing the Rise of Iron story missions talk to Tyra Karn in the Iron Temple at the top of the main stairs. Get the quest Artifacts of the Iron Lords and the first step – “Champion of the light” which objective is to perform 1000 Noble Deeds in the Plaguelands. If your quest says that you’ve done 100% of Noble Deeds but you cannot turn the quest in, it just means that you have to do several more Noble Deeds.

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Return to Tyra Karn and get your reward – an Iron Lord’s Legacy token. You can obtain one Legacy token per week for each of your characters. You can trade your Legacy token with Tyra, and choose one of three artifacts that she rotates each week.

How to attune Iron Lord Artifacts

Once you try to equip an Artifact, you’ll get notification “Required Attunement to Equip“. Since each of the artifacts is named after an Iron Lord, go to the statue with the same name and activate it.

List of Iron Lord Artifacts and effects

  • Memory of Felwinter
    • Lose your Super
    • Gain one extra Grenade and Melee charge
    • Gain a small busts to all stats
    • Orbs grant Melee and Grenade energy
  • Memory of Gheleon
    • Grants a detailed radar
    • Radar persists when sighting with Primary weapons
  • Memory of Jolder
    • Removes sprint cooldown penalty
  • Memory of Perun
    • Enemy Guardians with full Super are highlighted
    • All enemies with low health are highlighted
  • Memory of Radegast
    • Gain the ability to reflect energy-based projectiles everything including Ogre’s Eye-blasts and Rockets in the Crucible, when guarding with a Sword.
    • Increased sword Ammo capacity
  • Memory of Silimar
    • In the Crucible resistance to damage-over-time attacks is greatly increased.
  • Memory of Skorri
    • When your Super is full nearby allies’ supers recharge faster.
  • Memory of Timur
    • Melee atacks on minor minions of the Darkness have the chance to temporarily turn the target against its allies.
    • Effect expires after 30 seconds, or with a second melee attack

Rise of Iron Cosmetic Artifacts

  • Azure Lens
    • has Feeling Blue perk – Everything you see has a blue tint
  • Golden Age Lens
    • has The Golden Age perk – Everything you see is sepia toned
  • Grayscale Lens
    • has Grayscale perk – Everything you see is in shades of gray

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