Outbreak Prime Exotic Pulse Rifle - How to get it in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Outbreak Prime is an exotic pusle rifle you can get in Destiny: Rise of Iron. It has 390 Light Level and does increased damage to Fallen.
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Every time you perform a precision kill, it will spawn a swarm of nanites to attack other enemies. It’s extremely hard to get – you’ll have to finish Wrath of the Machine twice, do a couple of quests and solve some math puzzles. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Outbreak Prime exotic weapon in Destiny: Rise of Iron, what it looks like and its stats.

outbreak prime exotic pulse rifle destiny rise of iron

How to get Outbreak Prime

Getting the exotic raid weapon is a long and complicated process. Here’s what you’ll need to do:
  1. Start the Wrath of the Machine raid. As you progress, activate the first three SIVA monitors.
  2. When you reach Server Farm (after the Siege Engine), wipe the enemies inside. Go into the room with the black diamond in the middle, with the canisters around it.
  3. Use the markings on the wall to align four team members in these positions.
  4. The remaining two should go outside and stand by the two monitors.
  5. Once everyone is in position, activate the monitors. Each one will give you a number in binary. Use a binary converter to translate the numbers into decimal. The left one signifies the column, the right one the number of the canister. The first pair of numbers is for quadrant 00. Columns are visibly marked, while the canisters are counted from the walkways (zero is closest to them).
  6. Repeat the process three more times (for quadrants 01, 02 and 03). Once everyone’s in place, give it 10-15 seconds and the diamond will open up. Activate the monitor inside, and carry on with the raid.
  7. When you kill Aksis, go down into the secret room, activate the last SIVA monitor and open the chest. You’ll get a SIVA engine. This will start the exotic quest.
  8. You’ll need to use a team of one Warlock, one Hunter and one Titan for the quest. Do the required tasks and return to the Iron Temple.
  9. Open up your inventory and inspect the SIVA engine. Use the images below to solve the puzzle, according to your class.
  10. After all three of you tick the final box, you’ll have to share the solutions with each other.
  11. Talk to Shiro, then go out into the Plaguelands and do some damage.
  12. Now you’ve got the Siva Engine (Charged). There’s another puzzle to be solved here – follow the instructions for your class below.
  13. Now you’ll have to finish the raid once more.
  14. After that, go to the Iron Temple again, with your 2 buddies (like before, one Titan, one Warlock, one Hunter). The last Siva Engine Puzzle is randomly generated, so we can’t show you the solution. Thankfully, someone made a tool to help you solve it.
  15. Talk to Shiro, and you’ll get your weapon.

Siva Engine & Monitor Puzzle Issues

The quest is somewhat buggy at the moment, so you might run into some trouble. Here are some tips to help you get through it:
  • Don’t hand in your engine until everyone has solved the puzzle! This causes the quest to bug out sometimes.
  • Monitors will reset after you leave the raid, so you can’t do a couple then continue at another time.
  • If you need to reset the canister puzzle, just go back to the monitors after you jump on the wrong one and activate them again.
  • If you join a team that has activated some monitors, it will count as if you’ve done it too.
  • If the engine puzzle won’t accept a solution you know is right, try spamming the accept button.
  • Your last effort should be to delete the Siva engines and get new ones from Shiro.
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