How To Get Legendary Sword | Destiny: The Taken King

After you finish the main story in Destiny: The Taken King, you’ll get the chance to obtain a legendary sword. You’ll have to finish a mission, gather some resources and choose between three variants with different damage types – Arc Edge, Sol Edge and Void Edge. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get the legendary sword. Once your Legendary sword is fully upgraded Speak to Shaxx and start A Sword Reforged quest to obtain Exotic sword.

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destiny taken king legendary sword

Unlock A Broken Will

A Broken Will is the mission you need to complete to get the sword. To unlock it, you’ll need to do several things:
  • Kill Oryx.
  • Complete Dread Patrol (given by Cayde-6 in the Hall of Guardians).
  • Talk to Eris Morn in the Hall of Guardians.

Complete A Broken Will

When you get the quest, go speak to Lord Shaxx. You’ll need to bring him 25 Hadium Flakes, 10 Motes of Light and 25 Spinmetal/Hadium Filaments/Relic Iron, depending on which variant of the sword you want.

Legendary Sword Stats

All of the variants require you to be lvl 30 to use them and have 220 attack.
  • Arc Edge does arc damage, requires Spinmetal for forging. It’s effective against solar and void attacks.
  • Sol Edge does solar damage, requires Helium Filaments to craft. It’s good against arc and void attacks
  • Void Edge does void damage and you’ll need Relic Iron to make it. It’s effective versus solar and arc attacks.

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  1. J

    Erin’s doesn’t give me the quest

  2. G

    talk to Clyde-6 after completing the patrol mission in order to get kris morn to give you the mission.

    1. T

      um not to be rude but its cayde-6 and eris morn

  3. X

    You need to be level 39 to unlock “A Broken Will” as a quest. This should be added to the list.

    1. E

      Really, most people get to Level 40 by then, like I did.

  4. H
    Hoài Nguyễn

    how can i have the sword again ? I was dismantled it 🙁 i was so sleepy …

    1. M
      Max Cobb

      After you complete the quest you should be able to get but any of the tree swords from Shaxx

  5. M

    you also need to complet the campain

  6. I

    You can get the sword back any time, just buy it from Shaxx the Crucible dude.

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