How to obtain Boolean Gemini Exotic Scout Rifle

Destiny Boolean Gemini is a new Exotic Scout Rifle available with the latest update The Taken King. This weapon can be obtained from Petra after completing several quests and collecting Tech-Witch Brooch. In the guide below we’ll explain in details all necessary steps that have to be taken to obtain Boolean Gemini known as 347 Vesta Dynasty Rifle. We have also prepared for you guides How To Get Chaperone Exotic Shotgun and How to get Exotic Sword.

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destiny boolean gemini

  1. Do the quest The Taken War: Petra that you pick up from Petra Venj on the Reef. The quest will send you to different planets and ask you to kill Taken Champions. You need to patrol the regions of the planet specified in the quest and come across a new type of event involving the taken spawning from time to time. You will know the event is starting because of the message “Taken forces are corrupting the area”. As you fight the Taken their Liutenants will start to spawn. As you kill a few of these a Taken champion will spawn. This is a big mob and you will need to have people help you take it down. If you try to solo these events timer will surely run out, so try and do it along with other people in the area or bring some friends along. Once you kill the taken champion it will drop a Reciprocal Rune and an item you need for this quest. Do this twice per planet until you receive the next step in chain. Taken events usually take place in the areas where Public Events happen.

    The Taken War Petra champion
    Taken Champion
  2. Your next quest chain is Wolves of Mars quest you get from Variks at the Reef. Initial step is to Thin the Pack by killing the Fallen pirates across different planets. These are just regular fallen enemies easily found on all the planets listed in this quest step. You can also do a quick low level strike that has fallen in it on each of the planets. For the next step go to the Rubicon Wastes on Mars. Archon with some adds will spawn left of where you spawn for the Cerberus Vae strike. Following steps are quests you’ll pick up from Variks and that you need to complete individually from the main Destiny system screen.
  3. Petra will give you another quest Lost and Found. This involves patrolling the Dreadnaught and killing various Hive enemies at three destinations in the Dreadnaught – the Mausoleum, Hall of Souls, and Hull Breach. After that step you will have to go to the Court of Oryx and do a tier 1 event until you get “Tech Witch Brooch”. I got this quest after a few hours, so if you don’t get it right away, just wait (you might have to wait for the daily reset – meaning until the next day). In the meantime, I ranked Queen’s Wrath faction up to level 3, so maybe that was the trigger for getting the quest.
  4. Your last step is to visit Petra and get the weapon.
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  1. L
    Luca Bazuka

    Hello, ok so i’ve completed the wolves of mars quest chain (got the nice shader and class specific gear). But…Petra isn’t giving any new quest, I should be getting Lost and Found now..but she just doesn’t give anything, just weekly bounties..what should I do?

    1. E
      Emerson Pineda

      Hi! Apparently many people are saying that you have to wait till the next daily reset after you complete “Wolves of Mars”, I am having the same issue.

      1. M

        I don’t really know how, but I didn’t even complete the Wolves on Mars quest chain and I still got the Lost and Found Quest after completing the Taken War Petra

        1. B

          Same I did lost and found before wolves on mars, finishing wolves on mars now. about halway from rank 2 with queens wrath.

      2. J

        I completed the quests and turned in the tech witch brooch…never got my exotic

        1. J

          I did the same, and turned in the brooch before she offered lost and found. Did i screw it up somehow?

          1. I

            You have to be rank three in Quenns wrath

    2. L

      Make sure its 7hrs in game time and that u have also finished the Taken King story.

  2. R
    Randy Campos

    same here. please help.

  3. J

    Yes same I did everything she asked even got the thing from the court of oryx still nothing at all UA this a bug

  4. L

    She may not give you the quest immediately. Some people have reported receiving the quest the following day after reset. Also, what is your Queen’s Wrath rank? Not yet confirmed, but it’s believed to be that you have to have a rank 3 or higher to get the Lost and Found quest. It’s still quite early in TTK so more information on these quests will come up as more people receive and complete them.

    1. J

      I can confirm that you don’t need to be rank 3 to get “lost and found ” as I’m doing it now at rank 2.

      1. M

        I can confirm that you do not have to be rank 3 to obtain this quest as I’m rank 2 an I got the quest, the only promblem I have now is she won’t give me the weapon

        1. J
          Justice Ax

          same here, completed the wuest and aint gettin the weapon

          1. S

            Same for me, rank 2 almost 3, completed everything all she gave me was a damn mote of light. Like I dont have a thousand of them already. Wheres the weapon we are doing this for?

    2. J
      Joe vs. the volcano

      I am queens wrath rank 2 and I got the lost and found quest. Not sure exactly when I got it though.

  5. R

    Woah! It gave me two Booleans!! I cant wait to dismantle my other one!

  6. R

    Hey I completed everything it said but it didn’t give me the gun are you sure this is just a bogus post?

    1. K

      you need to be rank 3 to obtain the boolean gemini, you get the lost and found quest on the daily reset

      1. S

        I was rank 1 and still got the lost and found quest but once I completed it she didn’t give me the gun

    2. J

      i heard from a mate that has it that you need to wait for the reset

  7. R

    Must be Rank 3 with Petra

  8. M

    How do I rank up petra to rank 3. I’ve done the lost and found quest…please help

    1. B

      do the bounties she offers

  9. N

    Can confirm you have to wait one day to get quest. Currently have Queen’s Wrath rank 2.

  10. G

    Followed all the steps and she gave me some shitty auto rifle with 160 damage, not the scout

    1. E

      same, i only got some crap gear from petra for completing the lost and found quest. i’m rank 7 btw.

  11. S

    I am rank 1 with Petra and I got the lost and found quest and completed it and got nothing! My primary weapon slot was full and I think that’s why I didn’t get the gun!
    Please let me know if I have to wait on the Tuesday reset

  12. E

    At least you got something I ran that stupid quest line and didn’t get jack.

  13. S

    For those wondering why they got little or nothing at all from the “Lost and Found” quest, simply complete “The Wolves on Mars” quest line and Pestra will give you the Boolean Gemini. Basically, you have to have both “Lost and Found” and “The Wolves on Mars” 100% complete to obtain the exotic scout rifle. You’re welcome guys 😀

    1. S

      Also remember to have your Queens Wrath rank at level 3 or above

  14. F

    did all the Quests and get no Exotic at all. Bugged? Any Advise?

  15. L
    LadySavage ll

    I can confirm that I got the wolves of mars quest and did not complete it. I finished petra the taken war am hour or so before reset. A few minutes after reset I went to see petra and there was the lost and found quest. So just wait until the daily reset after completing petra taken war and you will receive the lost and found quest. My bf and all of his clan members confirmed they received there’s the same way. Hope that helps. You don’t have to be any specific rank with the queen to get it.

  16. I have rank 3 and have not got the weapon even after weekly reset so do you have to do the wolves on mars quest?

  17. I didn’t do wolves on mars do I have to to obtain the weapon?

    1. M
      Mario Zancanaro

      Same here. I didn’t finish wolves on mars but I did finish lost and found. When I turned it in to Petra, “No exotic”. If go back and finish the wolves on mars, will I then get the scout rifle? Can some please shed some light on this so I can stop panicking. Thanks in advance!

  18. S

    You need queens wrath 3 before she will give the gun even if you have done quest all those who say they have it and are only rank 2 are either BSing about their rank or that they have the gun

    1. I will screenshot you dude I’m not kidding I’m only level two in both but have the quest

  19. H

    I did both questlines and got an armband…not this weapon. #nothappy

  20. J

    I just completed lost and found at rank 2 with Petra, I’ve completed the wolves story line also yet I didn’t receive the Gemini

  21. V

    You have to be rank 3 with both Petra and Variks in order to receive the Boolean Gemini it turns out. Not sure if PoE is the only way to upgrade Variks though.

    1. I wasn’t in only level 2 in both and I got it

  22. I wasn’t level 3 and I got the quest after completing the first so yeah

  23. G

    I got the quest at rank 0

  24. I

    I just found out that the Queens Wrath quest is one of the abandoned quests. To access abandoned quests go to the tower and use the touch behind Ikora next to where Xur sometimes spawn. I only needed 120 xp to rank up to level 3 ( there were no more bounties ) and the first 2 missions gave me 150 xp which in turn gave me the gemini! Add ilovegq if it’s works for you

  25. A

    I just completed the lost and found quest line. i am rank 3 at the queen and did not do the taken wars mars. i am just stomped becuase i did not get the Boolean Gemini Exotic Scout Rifle and i completed the quest line… any idea what i need to complete to get it ?

    1. S

      You need to complete both quest chains from Petra and variks and be rank 3 with only Petra ro get the exotic weapon at the end.

  26. A

    I completed both quests for petra and completed the wolves on mars quests but did not receive the boolean gemini. However, i did not have my rank up to rank 3. Did the new bounties and the moment i hit rank three, i went to the reef and picked up my gun. Its such a fantastic gun…

  27. M

    Well did all quest and am rank 3, but after turning in Tech Witch Brooch did not get the gun.
    As a mather of fact I returned to my previous progress of Wolves of Mars from 2 days ago !?

  28. R

    Somehow I have the lost and found quest but I never fished wolves of Mars and I’m only rank one queens wraith….if I do lost n found you think I’ll get Gemini?

  29. I

    i got it but from a strike guess its random

  30. S

    I am rank 3 with Petra and I am currently killing everything that is hive on the dreadnought in the locations specified.
    I have been doing this for the past 4 days and it still show no progress. Is there a certain type of hive I am supposed to kill or a certain amount?

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