How to get Exotic Sword in Destiny The Taken King

After completing the quest A Broken Will and getting Legendary Sword, Destiny players have a chance to forge their first Exotic sword in The Taken King update. Once your Legendary sword is fully upgraded Speak to Shaxx and start A Sword Reforged quest.
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You also need to infuse it up to 280 attack, where it unlocks a 5th perk.

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Desitiny exotic Sword

A Sword Reforged

  • Kill 50 Majors and 25 enemies in the Crucible
    You can kill any Majors, even the hive on Earth patrol. You’ll have more problems with killing 25 enemies in Crucible because you have to use sword. If you get into a swordfight with someone else who also has sword, DO NOT BLOCK, even if they are different element, they will still kill you in one hit if you try blocking. Use the third person view to your advantage. You can hide behind doors and walls and still be able to see around them and even lock on to them without them seeing you, which makes kills much easier. You don’t need heavy ammo to get kills with the sword.
  • Kill Ecthar, Sword of Oryx on Dreadnaught Patrol
    Head to ‘The Founts’ area in Dreadnaught Patrol. Drop down through the first hole in the ground and circle around until you find the entrance to the middle room. Go through this room and you will find 3 Warden knights with different elemental shields. You should kill them with one Super (video guide). When massive door opens, go through it to the Asylum. Kill all the enemies until Ecthar runs at you. His shield can only be damaged by your sword. To wound Estchar you have to hit him with a Sword with heavy ammo first then he can be wounded normally. During the fight remember to use the Swords Guard ability (video guide).
  • Speak to Shaxx to complete the quest

A Sword Reforged (Exotic)

Once you complete the previous quest Shaxx will give you a new one – A Sword Reforged (Exotic).
  • Gather 10 ‘Rare’ materials and practice your relevant elemental abilities
    The materials you have to farm depend on the elemental damage you chose – Helium filaments for Solar, Arc sword is spinmetal. The best way to farm the desired resource is through corresponding Patrols. Rare material drop rate seems to be between 5% and 10%.
    The “Siege of the Warmind” mission is great for farming any kinds of ability kills. In that first area of the Bunker, there’s a long stream of Thrall, then some Knights and Acolytes, then about five more waves of Thrall at the stairs.
  • Speak to Lord Shaxx and finish the quest
  • Wait for the next Armsday delivery (every Wednesday)

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