How to upgrade Exotic weapons and armour through Xur

Destiny’s first expansion The Dark Below launches on December 9th, 2014, and brings some big adjustments to exotic items. Since this expansion increases the Light level cap to 32, Guardians will have a new way to upgrade their exotic items.
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January 9th 2015. Xur Location, items and upgrade items information can be found if you click here

Exotic items in The Dark Below will have higher Attack and Defense values than current Exotic Gear and Weapons, but players will be able to upgrade current Exotics and use them in The Dark Below. The main role in this process is given to the Strange Coin vendor Xur, who will offer players the opportunity to upgrade their Exotics (starting December 9th). Each week, Xur will possess a selection of upgrades for existing Exotics in his inventory.

How to upgrade exotic weapon?

Upgrading an Exotic in this way requires the following steps:
  • You must own Exotic item that will be given to Xur during exchange for upgraded version
  • You need Exotic Shard that can be obtained by one of the following means:
    • Dismantling unwanted Exotics
    • Purchased from Xur for 7 Strange Coins
  • Finally, each exotic upgrade costs around 7000 glimmer
xur upgradesIt doesn’t matter if the exotic item is fully upgraded or not, the upgrade will reset the progression invested into the item. This upgrading process will be available to all Destiny players, not just the players who purchase The Dark Below, but new exotic items can get only the players who purchased DLC.