The Evil Within Locker Key Locations Guide

While wandering through the Evil Within’s rooms and catacombs you will come across a bunch of different items important for your survival. The first on the list are keys, that can be used to open lockers in the “safe room”, and get valuable loot.
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Keys are well hidden, and usually you will find them in small white statues. When you discover a statue, smash it, and you’ll get a key.

The Evil Within Chapter 2 Key locations

Key 1 – After learning about Sneak Kills you’ll start following Leslie Withers. The path will lead you to the metal gate and a campfire. The statue is on a small wall to the left of the gate.
Key 2 – After the metal gate two enemies are wandering around the ruined house. Pass by this house and follow the road beside a dock. In the house next to 3 boards traps, look for a key in the wooden box on a small table.

The Evil Within Chapter 3 Key locations

Key 1 – In the barn where the Chainsaw guy is, climb the ladders until you reach the last floor. On the table you will find a statue.
Key 2 – Outside the barn, look for the second key in the statue on the wall.
Key 3 – The third Key Statue swings on the rope near the house that is closest to the wooden gate. Shoot it down.
Key 4 – The fourth Key Stone Statue is located near the top of the watch tower.

The Evil Within Chapter 4 Key locations

Key 1 – The first key is inside the body next to the Doctor’s brother. Use the knife to cut his chest.
Key 2 – From the blood pit climb up the metal ramp and press the switch twice. The statue will drop down through a square steel pipe.

The Evil Within Chapter 5 Key locations

Key 1 – In the room with a huge hole on the ground, jump into the hole, and look for a rat that carries a statue.
Key 2 – The statue is hidden inside the second to the last jail cell.
Key 3 – In the room where a six legged hairy creature spawns, open the locker and get the statue attached to a bird’s back.

The Evil Within Chapter 6 Key locations

Key 1 – When you head toward the church look inside a small ruined house, an you’ll find the statue on the window behind the hanged man.
Key 2 – After destroying two manual elevators on the church’s tower shoot down a Key Stone Statue on top of the tower.
Key 3 – At the marketplace, destroy the boxes next to the butcher stand.
Key 4 – In the room with numbers 3, 5, 7, 9 on the wall you’ll find a statue on a hanged meat on hook that moves through the hallway.

The Evil Within Chapter 7 Key locations

During the chapter 7 you will acquire 4 Keys. Click here for detailed Chapter 7 guide with screenshots.

The Evil Within Chapter 8 Key locations

In Chapter 8 – A Planted Seed Will Grow, you can collect 2 keys. In our Chapter 8 detailed guide you can find both key locations.

The Evil Within Chapter 9 Key locations

In Chapter 9 – The Cruelest Intentions 4 Locker Keys can be obtained. If you haven’t found all the keys take a look at our Chapter 9 guide with location screenshots.

The Evil Within Chapter 10 Key locations

Chapter 10 – The Craftsman’s Tools contains 4 well hidden Key statues. In order to collect them all you will need even to defeat 6 legged creature. Find out where to look for Key locations in our Chapter 10 guide

The Evil Within Chapter 11 Key locations

During the Chapter 11 – Reunion 4 well hidden statues are waiting for you. If you need a hand, take a look at our screenshot guide for Chapter 11.

The Evil Within Chapter 12 Key locations

No keys in this chapter.

The Evil Within Chapter 13 Key locations

Three hidden key statues can be found in the Chapter 13 – Casualties

The Evil Within Chapter 14 Key locations

There are 5 Key Stone statue in Chapter 14 – Ulterior Motives guide



  1. J

    There is a 4th key in chapter 3. Climb to the top of the tower that has the flash bolt up the top. Look down near the ladder you climbed and you can see a statue on one of the wooden supports. Shoot the statue and the key will fall to the ground.

  2. P
    Paul Justice

    In “The Evil Within” There are 4 keys in chapter 3. One is about half way up the tall tower sitting on a wooden beam of the tower.

  3. V

    Chapter 10, right after harpoon guy, first one, the first heat thingy you pass by, there is a key statue behind it, not in the guide, so wanted to point it out

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