Destiny Iron Banner event starts October 7th

destiny iron banner event
Iron Banner event is live on Destiny Servers! Take a look at our Iron Banner guide with screenshots tips and rewards »

The Iron Banner event is a special Crucible event where players can show off their most powerful gear and weapons.
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This limited time event begins on October 7th and lasts until October 14th. During this period the Lords of Iron will challenge Destiny players to prove their skills in this special game’s PvP mode, where no limitation exists and players with high quality gear and weapons will have an advantage over those less-equipped.

Players who excel in these PvP matches should visit Iron Banner’s emissary Lord Saladin, located in the Tower, who offers Legendary Iron Banner Gear, Emblems, Shaders and Ships. Once your Guardian’s Iron Banner rank is high enough, you can purchase items available in his stock for Glimmer.


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