Destiny Iron Banner guide with tips and rewards

destiny iron baner event
A brand new Destiny event titled Iron Banner is scheduled for October 7th. This special Crucible event is time limited, thus, players can show off their PvP skills and gear until October 14th. Unlike the normal Crucible matches where level advantages between players is disabled, Iron Banner matches have no limits, and demand your very best gear. Since players’ stats aren’t equalized, players with better gear and weapons will have an advantage over those less-equipped.

Iron Banner tips

  • Before you can participate and compete in Iron banner event, you must meet with Lord Saladin, who is located in the Tower, opposite the landing zone.
  • The Iron Banner is accessed as a separate playlist in the Crucible.
  • You will earn reputation only if you win the match!
  • Winning a match earns you reputation and rank to unlock special Iron Banner gear, weapon, shaders, emblems and ship, available only while this event is live.
  • Before you rush into the first match don’t forget to visit Xander 99-40, the bounty vendor in the Tower, who will offer new bounties related to the Iron Banner playlist.
  • Completing these bounties will help you increase your rank with the Iron Banner.
  • If you reach your competition-worthy rank of Level 5 while this event is happening, you’ll need to check in with Lord Shaxx first. He’ll issue your Crucible invitation in the Hall of Guardians, just down the stairs from the main landing zone in the Tower.
  • Equip the Iron Banner emblem and shader as soon as you reach rank 1, it will increase your Iron Banner rep earnings by 20%.
  • Nigtfall buff works for the bounties but not for the match rewards
  • You can wear a faction class item and earn rep for that faction instead of Iron Banner faction.
  • In order to reach Rank 1 you have to collect 100 Iron Banner Reputation points, for Rank 2 – 1200 reputation points and for Rank 3 – 3000.
  • If you’re team already controls 2 points, DO NOT go cap the 3rd point. If you control A and B and the enemy has C, you now control the spawn. STAY AWAY FROM C. As long as a teammate doesn’t get too close to the enemy point they will continue to spawn there. Form the berlin wall of guardians and PLAY DEFENSE. Keep them in their spawn. (thanks Dirtywatter)

Iron Banner vendor items

Ship Birth of HistoryPlayers who fight in the Iron Banner event can earn reputation and some great loot, like ship “Birth of History“, for winning matches, and completing related bounties. When you increase your Iron Banner rank, you can also purchase items from Lord Saladin.

Iron Banner vendor is located in the Tower, behind the Bounty Tracker. Go up the stairs, then turn right. All legendary gear items in the stock are level 20. Although items are restricted by rank, you’ll also spend Glimmer or Crucible marks when purchasing them. In the gallery below you can take a look at the items available during the beta Iron Banner event.

Non Class Specific Items
Shader: Million Million, Goldspiral
Emblem: Sigil of the Iron Lords, Scar of Radegast

Class Specific Items

Possible weapon drops

Efrideet’s SpearSniper RifleImpact, RangeRate of Fire, Stability, Magazine
 Felwinter’s LieShotgunImpact, Range, MagazineRate of Fire, Stability, Equip/Reload, Ammo
 Gheleon’s DemiseScout RifleImpact, RangeRate of Fire, Stability
 Perun’s FireFusion RifleCharge Rate, Equip/ReloadImpact, Magazine, Stability, Range
 Radegast’s FuryRocket LauncherBlast Radius, VelocityRate of Fire, Stability, Magazine
 Silimar’s WrathAuto RifleRate of Fire, BalancedImpact, Range, Stability
 Skorri’s RevengePulse RifleRate of Fire, Magazine, RecoilImpact, Range, Equip/Reload
 Timur’s LashHand CannonImpact, RangeRate of Fire, Stability, Recoil

Iron Banner Bounties List

Bounty NameRequired TaskRewards
Anvil of LightDefeat 50 Guardians while competing in the Iron Banner, with the Iron Banner Class, Emblem and Shader items equipped.Reputation +75
Experience +3750
Exacting MeasuresEarn 15 Headshot Sprees while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.Reputation +100
Experience +5000
Focused AggressionDefeat 50 Guardians with Auto Rifle headshots while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.Reputation +50
Experience +2500
Hard ForgedEarn 10000 XP while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.Reputation +75
Experience +3750
Heavy MetalEarn 15 Machine Gun Sprees while competing in the Iron Banner tournament. 
Iron EmbraceDefeat 20 Guardians with a close quarters melee attack while competing in the Iron Banner tournament. 
Iron WrathDefeat 10 Guardians without dying while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.Reputation +50
Experience +2500
Of Iron MadeWin 3 Iron Banner matches with the Iron Banner Class, Emblem and Shader items equipped. 
Rise AboveComplete an Iron Banner match with the highest score.Reputation +100
Experience +5000
The Chaos and the CalmDefeat 30 Guardians with machine gun headshots while competing in the Iron Banner tournament. 

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