Outbreak – Alien Isolation: Mission Six

Outbreak – Alien Isolation: Mission Six takes more time to complete than the previous one. It has a wide range of tasks that consist of solving puzzles, avoiding all sorts of enemies and more.
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You receive a Stun Baton tool at the start of the mission. Mission also ends gloriously.

Find a Trauma Kit

Alien Isolation Find a Trauma Kit
Stun Baton Tool.
Find a door that is jammed with a Stun Baton. Collect it to open the door and acquire the tool. Once you enter the room access the terminal that hides Archive logs like: “Urgent: Marshal Investigation” and “Environmental Controls”.
Inside the same room you can find three Coolants that you can engage. Door behind the two coolants is closed, but once you engage these two Coolants the door becomes open. Go inside the room behind that door and grab one coolant. Keep in mind that if your actions take a lot of time the Alien jumps down from air pipes and starts to hunt you down so try top be quick and stealthy. Take this Coolant inside the main room and place it in the free spot. This room becomes unlocked and you can find a Rewire console inside it. Rewire power to Cold Chamber and its vent access.

Investigate Lingard’s Office for Information

Alien Isolation Investigate Lingards Office for InformationAcross the ‘Stun Baton jammed doors’ is the air vent you should head to now. This takes us to Primary Care Floor. Keep in mind that Alien walks above you in air vents so stay crouched. From time to time he scouts the area bellow him until he returns up into the vents.
Alien Isolation Investigate Lingards Office for Information
At this point you are pretty much dead.
Important Note: There is a corridor in southern Primary Care Floor. This corridor has three traffic cones. Do not get near them! If you get near them there will be a gas explosion and it alarms the Alien. You can’t hide from him now. He doesn’t like fire and will do everything to find the person who caused it.
Head southeast toward Security Desk area. You can save the game here, find blueprint, collect Archive Logs: “Colonial Marshal Directive”, “Morley: Update and Codes”, “San Cristobal Lockdown”, “An Old Friend”. “Morley: Update and Codes” contains code 2505 you can use in the next quest objective.

Blueprint Molotov (V.1)
Alien ISolation Investigate Lingards Office for Information
Blueprint Location.
Inside Security Desk area, on a table next to a Personal Terminal.
Lingard’s Office is found just next to the traffic cones you should stay away from at all times. Approach this room from west. Once you use the Personal Terminal found in there, select Utility Folder and file : “Report: Lingard”. Quest objective ends here. Inside the same Personal Terminal you can find archive logs like: “Dispensary is Empty” and “Death Certificate”

Find Keycard to Access San Cristobal Medical Wards

Inside the security desk area there is a small safe. You can spot the tiger statue inside it. Code from the archive log is 2505 and, once you open it, you will find the Keycard inside this safe.

Search Operating Theater for Trauma Kit

Alien Isolation Trauma Kit Location
Trauma Kit Location
There are doors above the Security Desk room. They are open at this pointso you should go through them. Once you enter the new area Alien drops from the air vent to your left. Head right and you will end up in a room with one ID Tag: A. Sawers. Don’t feel bad. Head back to the area from where you entered the room and progress toward the objective area marked on the in-game map. You find yourself in a medical room with a dead woman’s body. Trauma Kit is just next to her, on a metal table.
Just behind the dead woman’s body, inside a small shelf, is an ID Tag: K: Neville. There is also a Personal Terminal with Archive logs like: “Autopsy Report” and “Tape Off the Scene”.

Access San Cristobal Medical Reception

Alien Isolation Access San Cristobal Medical ReceptionYou should enter the Power plant now. It is located in northeastern part of the map. Once you enter it use the save terminal.

Initiate San Cristobal Medical Evacuation Procedures

There are two power generators that you should use. Once they are active a Synthetic shows up. Once he reaches the top of the stairs get close to him. When he goes toward the window use the opportunity to get close to a nearby computer. Use Security Access Tuner to access the codes and Initiate Procedures.

Escape Through San Cristobal Medical Reception

Alien Isolation Escape Trhough San Cristobal Medical ReceptionThis objective ends south of the Power Plant Room in Medical Reception. Alien is still in the air vents in the ceiling, but be careful if you see fluid dropping from air vents. If you step over them it’s game over. Once you enter Medical Reception the objective ends.


If you are an Archive log collector check out the room in northeastern Medical Reception before you leave this area. It hides log: “Let me Be a Friend to You”. In order to escape the area you should climb the central part. Approach it and use game controls to climb. Keep following the instructions until you are safe.

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  1. K

    Just wanted to say great work on your walkthrough. I only discovered it when I was searching for Dr Morley’s keycard as I didn’t notice the living quarters area!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. M

    nice to see someone putting time and effort into a non-youtube guide for a change 🙂

  3. D

    Yes it is nice to read help rather than listing to the array of numtys on youtube narrating as they go…thankyou

  4. E
    Elmar Baumann

    Engaging the Coolants is not possible on PS4 . . . i’m stuck

    1. M

      you have to engage environmental controls on the terminal first, i see they forgot that in the guide 😉

  5. I am stuck on level six , the escape part. The alien jumps at me, then there is an explosion… There is some sort of glitch …it seems I die , but I keep on flopping to the floor and and bouncing like a frog… I don’t know how many times i tried to get past this. I even tried lowering resolution and settings (this usually fixes game glitches)… Sometimes I reach and hold the ladder, it seems I get stuck… and then Press E instruction appears… I hammer the E button , and end up stuck in some small confined space bouncing around ….. and I hear the Alien hissing about… and cant move… I don’t know how to get past this glitch…

    1. J

      same exact problem, it appears I die (fall to the ground) then get up, then die… every 1-2 seconds over and over. If I hold the direction and camera I can move what seems like a few feet. I have restarted save, restarted level, restarted game and re-installed the game several times. Don’t know if this is a glitch with this version or an issue just I am having. Did you find a solution?

      1. J

        Did you ever come up with a solution to the problem of surviving the explosion at the medical reception door in alien isolation. I have tried to get through there ten times and die every time. Help me if you can.

        1. L

          Have you gotten past it yet? Mine is doing the same thing.

    2. L

      I GOT IT. Refill your health before the cutscene.

  6. J

    So I have this problem at the ‘Escape!’ part. I jump up onto the ladder and spam the E button and nothing happens so I fall off the ladder. I’ve tried pressing E at different speeds, holding the E button and changing the controls but nothing seems to work :/

    1. L

      LADDER FIX Outbreak – Alien Isolation: Mission Six Escape
      Hi guy’s, I had the same problem with the ladder. There IS a FIX and it WORKS! Yipeee. Ok here it is. All you have to do is turn vsync (Vertical synchronization) off and lower the resolution to a nice comfortable level. I think I lowered mind about 5 or six times. Once done you can gently tap the E button and you will see it turn white and the climb will be easy. When you reach the top and get into the vents you can turn vsync back on and put the resolution back up. That’s it. I really hope this helps you:-)

  7. J

    An excellent walk through, nice detail and clear obvious pictures and no youboob video.
    I find this to be the easiest walk through to follow. Excellent job.
    I need help with mission 6.
    At the beginning right after the explosion it goes wonky, it appears I die (fall to the ground) then get up, then
    die… every 1-2 seconds over and over. If I hold the direction and camera I can move what seems like a few feet. then die, I have restarted save, restarted level,
    restarted game and re-installed the game several times. Don’t know what to do, this has become one of my top 5 games but I have stopped playing because of this.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  8. O

    I cannot enter the 2505 code, although I did all the other stuff I have to do.

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