The Quarantine - Alien Isolation: Mission 5 Guide

The Quarantine – Alien Isolation: Mission Five starts at Sevastopol Scimed Tower. You are about to go to Samuels and Taylor.
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This is a rather short mission but it consists of lots of hiding.

Get to San Cristobal Medical Facility

Elevator that takes you to San Cristobal Medical Facility is in northwestern Sevastopol Scimed Tower. Before you reach this location make sure not to miss the computer terminal that reveals this part of Sevastopol Scimed Tower.

Get into the San Cristobal Medical Facility

Once you are inside the Medical Facility and you are properly introduced with a new character find an air vent and go through it. This is a long tunnel. Once you jump down into the new area be sure to activate another map terminal. Enter the room toward west. You can save the game here. New quest objective is given upon completion of dialog with the new character.

Find Morley’s Office

Alien Isolation Find Morley's Office
This air tunnel leads toward the Assessment Room and eventually to Welcome area once again.
Morley’s Office is to the south. Before you perform Emergency Override above the locked door near the Doctor, go through the nearby air vent. It leads north toward Assessment Room. It hides an ID Tag and map terminal.
Head back and go through the locked door. There are no enemies here. Use this time to save the game inside the central room with two square tables. One of the tables holds “Left Out of the Loop” audio log, while inside a small hospital room in southeastern area is ID Tag: C. Burrows.Morley’s Office has Senior Consultant sign above it and you have to use the security Access Tuner in order to breach it. Use the personal computer inside his office and find “Hospital Quarantine” file under shared folders. This file hides pass code: 1702. Once you read it the next quest objective begins. Inside the same personal computer there are other Archive logs like “Low on Meds” and “An Outpost of Progress? #3”.

Find Dr. Morley’s Keycard

This is where the fun starts. As soon as you step over small stairs toward the quest objective the Alien appears. Rush by him as you don’t want to waste time here and head to the doors to the south. This doors requires passcode we have acquired earlier. Type 1702 and enter.

How to avoid the alien

Alien always stays close to your current location and patrols the area. Whenever it’s around you are basically playing a game of cat and mouse. Move when he has its back turned to you and is far away. Always crouch. Use hiding spots under tables (you are almost completely invisible there) and when you do not see him use the motion tracker. If he is real close (a few steps away) turn off the motion tracker because that can trigger him. Keep going south until you come across a large San Cristobal Medical Unit Board. You’ll finish your objective here.

Investigate Rooms on Dr. Morley’s Rounds

Pipe Bomb (V.1) Blueprint
Alien Isolation Investigate Rooms on Dr.  Morley's Rounds
Pipe Bomb (V.1) Blueprint Location.
Once you leave Staff Quarters area head east through a small tunnel. Inside the first room to your right, on a table, is the blueprint.
Inside the same room is the save terminal. Use it wisely as you have the Alien searching for you (don’t save just when you are about to be killed). Following the tunnel you end up in front of the largest Medical Facility area. There is a map terminal close by. Inside the first room to your right is Personal Terminal with archive logs: “RE: Recovery Rooms” and “Medical Record 1”. Your final quest objective goal can be found inside A-29 Room. Search for the body on the ground for the Keycard.

Return to Dr. Kuhlman

Alien Isolation Return to Dr.  KuhlmanDr. Kuhlman is waiting for you at the same location inside Welcome Area. Head back there while keeping an eye on the Alien.

Take the Elevator to the Lower Hospital

Alien Isolation Elevator to the Lower HospitalThis objective represents the end of this mission. Elevator can be found east of the Welcome Area. Once you are inside the elevator use your Keycard and head to Primary Care Floor.

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  1. R

    Well thanks for a nice guide on how to find Morley’s keycard. But it still doesn’t help me with my problem. I have a pc version of Alien Isolation. When I obtain the passcode (1702) for the door that require me to enter it, I get stuck. I followed the steps in this guide and I still get stuck. I slowly sneak past the alien and once he’s not around I check on the map that I have the right door and then I try to enter the code. But when I do it, nothing appears on the digital panel as I enter the code so the door refuse to open. Normally when you enter the code the numbers also appear on the digital panel as you type them in, but it’s just not happening in my case. Yes, I have the right door. So at this point in time I’m stuck on this mission as I can’t get past the door. Is it a bug? Does anyone else have the same problem? Pls help. Thanks.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      I think you need to visit the computer terminal that tells you the password before you can apply the password on the door’s keypad. Did you do that?

      1. R

        Yes, of course I did.

      2. R

        Also I have tried to restart the mission 5 from the beginning but I’m still having the same problem.

        1. J

          Hmmm. So they keypad appears allowing you to type in the numbers but it’s just not actually “typing” The numbers in above the actual keypad? Maybe there’s an error with the button using to select hte numbers? I’ve seen a number of posts about bugs with the buttons Q and E not working right on doors and keypads. Perhaps try hooking up a controller or using a keyboard/mouse whichever the opposite of what you are using to see if it works? If you are indeed at the right door, and the keypad is indeed showing up it just isn’t accepting hte numbers you type in, or well, the keypad isn’t showing up at all when it’s clearly a door that requires a code to open then yeah, it’s a bug. Maybe search around some official or steam forums see if anyone has a fix.

          1. R

            Hi Jonathan. Thanks for your advice. It actually WORKED! What I had to do was to reset controls to default and then when I played the game and started inputting the code into that panel, it worked. You see what I did wrong was that I had changed the “use” button from E to F and that was the problem. No idea why it’s done like that but obviously the game doesn’t want you to tamper with controls settings.
            Well anyway…Time to go and face the horror again.

  2. S

    Nice guide guys thoguh there’s one thing that can make the initial part of this area very easy. There’s a rewire point available in the area with the Day Room, the room with the savepoint that the friggin Alien loves so much, and Dr. Morleys office. You can see it on the top left of the map here –

    I think that room is called the Sedation Ward. at that rewire point you can lock the northernmost door in the Day Room which forces the Alien to go round it rather than through it giving the player more of window to avoid detection and the rewire point will also allow you to open up the floor vents, With a bit of exploration and orientation prior to accessing Dr. Morleys computer to get the Door Passcode you can make it most of the way to the door requiring 1702 with nearly no chance of the Alien spotting you. The initial floor vent access panel is very close to where the Alien climbs down from the ceiling vent but if you quickly get into the floor vent while the animation is ongoing it doesn’t see you climb down into the vent, then you just need to head forwards, pop up out of the vents when the motion scanner tells you the Alien isn’t nearby and then clamber straight down into another vent which leads you, with a few twists and turns, near the passcode locked door.

    It makes this area ridiculously easy and, IMO, makes the next area where you have to check the board to see which rooms were on Dr. Morleys rounds, easier to navigate. Prior to playing with the Rewire system I was lucky to get through the 1702 door and tended to get splatted fairly shortly after that even if I did use the Emergency Override on the door to keep the Alien out for a few seconds. When I tried the strategy I’ve clumsily outlines above i did the entire thing in one slow careful run.

    I’ve still got a savefile from just before trying this tactic so I’ll load it tomorrow and grab a few screen shots. Hopefully that’ll be clearer than my ramblings!

    1. S

      Right. i’ve just gone and took some screenshots in an attempt to clarify my ramblings. here we go…

      the rewire box is in this room –

      here you can see the rewire box, it’s just to your left as you enter the Sedation Ward –

      and here’s the main option you want to look for by cyclnig through the rooms on the rewire box –

      Also disabling the Door Access for the Day Room can be very useful –

      Previously the Alien had always gone in there first and lurked in the general area. The Day Room gives the damnable Xenos fantastic views of the corridors leading to the Passcoded door making it rather difficult. By disabling that door you prevent the Alien from using it and it gives you a bit more time. Heck this alone would make the initial area much easier but in addition to opening the following vents it makes it a cake walk –

      Above you can see both the ceiling vent the Alien clambers out of and the floor vent you can access. Go straight forward from that vent to climb out then quickly down into antoher vent the lcoations of which can be seen here, the closest vent is the one you climb from and the firther one is the one you need to enter –

      That vent leads to a rather long and winding tunnel which eventually lets you climb out here –

      Now there’s a good chance that you don’t even need to use the vents but I find locking the Door to the dAy Room helps massively and will recommend it to anyone.

      Hopefully this has been a bit clearer, if not… well I blame university 😉

  3. Z

    I’m stuck! when I get the objective to return to Dr.Kuhlman he doesn’t say anything to me. he gets up then sits back down. am I missing something? possible glitch?

    1. J

      Once you get the keycard and go back to him you walk up to the glass window and Ripley says something like “What the bleep you kenw he was in there” and Kuhlman says “I didn’t know, I though the might be, there’s a difference. Let me go prime the elevator” then he walks into the room behind him and you should walk in there. That’s what should happen.

      1. B

        I got that same bug I got the key card walk up to the glass he does nothing at all

        1. N
          Nynke Peterson

          Same here! How do i fix this?

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