Destiny Lysander's Cry - How to get Legendary Sparrow

Lysander’s Cry is a new sparrow in Destiny. It was added for The Dawning event, and it’s staying for good.
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It might not be anything out of the ordinary when it comes to stats, but it’s got a wonderful lime green paintjob. In order to get the secret sparrow, you’ll need to collect a new dead ghost from a particular place. The process is straightforward, but finding all the correct spots to investigate might be a pain. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Destiny Lysander’s Cry, the hidden legendary sparrow.

destiny lysander's cry legendary sparrow

Bannerfall Dead Ghost Location

First you’ll need to find the Ghost Fragment in Bannerfall. It’s a new dead ghost – not the one from before. You don’t actually have to play Crucible for real – you can start a private match and go in alone. It’s in a workshop on the Concordat side, near Bravo spawn, hidden on a shelf behind some boxes. Once you pick it up, it’ll give you the Lysander’s Cry Grimoire Card.

Lysander’s Cry legendary sparrow

After you’ve got the ghost, return to the Tower. Go to the hangar, up the stairs to the sparrow kiosk, then turn around. Go past the guy working on a sparrow, turn right and forward until you hit a wall. Turn left, and you’ll see a wrapped present on top of some crates. Pick it up, and you’ll get the Lysander’s Cry legendary sparrow. If you can’t find it in your inventory, check the postmaster.

The new sparrow has 160 speed. It’s not too different from the rest of the sparrows of that caliber – you could even call it a reskin. It has a mix of lime green and jet black finish, which is really great if you like to be noticed. We still don’t know whether it’s going to stay for good, or disappear after the event, like the Broom Sparrow did. The fact it has a grimoire card gently sways us towards thinking it’s going to stick around, but it’s not conclusive evidence.


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