How to Get Baby Pokemon in Pokemon GO - Generation 2 Eggs

Developers Niantic have added the long-awaited Gen 2 Pokemon to Pokemon GO. They’re introducing new Pokemon very gradually; for now, there’s only seven confirmed.
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In this article, we’ll tell you how to get Baby Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Baby Pokemon in Pokemon GO - Generation 2 Eggs

Baby Pokemon in Pokemon GO – How to Catch Them

We finally got Generation 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO. So far, the only way to get them is by hatching Eggs. The seven that have been confirmed are hiding in 2 km and 10 km Eggs. We’ve compiled a list of these Pokemon, which eggs they’re hiding in, and which Pokemon they evolve into.

  • Togepi
    Togepi evolves into Togetic. It hatches from a 2 km Egg.
  • Pichu
    Pichu is the baby version of Pikachu. You can hatch it from a 2 km Egg.
  • Cleffa
    Baby Cleffa can evolve into Clefairy, and you need a 2 km Egg to have a chance to hatch it.
  • Igglybuff
    Igglybuff is basically baby Jigglypuff, and yes, it’s just as adorable as it sounds. You can get it from a 2 km Egg.
  • Elekid
    You can evlove Elekid into Electabuzz. To hatch it, you gotta have a 10 km Egg.
  • Magby
    Magby turns into Magmar when you evolve it, and it hatches from a 10 km Egg.
  • Smoochum
    Smoochum is the kinda scary-looking baby version of Jynx. They can also be found in 10 km Eggs.

One important thing to know, however, is that these Pokemon only hatch from Gen 2 Eggs. This means that none of the eggs collected prior to the 12/12 update hold Gen 2 Pokemon. Players are not taking to kindly to this, since most of us will have to hatch a bunch of eggs we have from earlier before we can even attempt to get the new Pokemon. The system will especially hurt free-to-play trainers, considering most of them only have one or two incubators. Additionally, even after they manage to clear up the old eggs, there’s no guarantee that future eggs will net a Gen 2 Pokemon. Their eggs look just like the old ones. With the winter coming along, this task is even harder. A lot of trainers have been vocal about their frustration, so maybe Niantic will rework the system.

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