Best legendary engram farming spot on Moon

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The best place to farm purple engrams on the Moon is during the mission the Dark Beyond. When you hit level 20 choose hard mode level 9 because you can easily kill them, your Supper ability will recharge fast, and they will drop many blue and green engrams.
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For a purple one you have to be patient and grind for 1,5 hour. Just in front of the entrance to the Temple of Crota waves of Hive enemies will appear. You’ll have to die many times because if you kill all enemies or a knight behind the door, the mission will start the next phase inside the temple. You can use this spot to farm engrams even if you’r a low level character.

The best thing about this spot is the number of engrams. You’ll have a bunch of blue engrams, that will help you increase your cryptarch rank. You’ll receive 150 reputation when decoding a blue item. The higher Cryptarch rank you have, the better item you get when decoding. Additionally, whenever you level up your cryptarch rank you’ll receive a package in the mail with a bunch of blue items.



  1. C

    I am doing this farming and am using the Wax but I only get like 1 green engrams or 1 blue

  2. P

    You can kill every mob, just don’t kill the Knight. @ Christian, be patient I get tons of drops and farm this spot all the time. Also as a side note, Once you’re done farming this spot kill the Knight and all of the other mobs if you wish, just don’t activate the dead ghost. Go back to orbit, next time you want to farm you will start right at the front door

  3. C

    Don’t thow a granade into the bunch at start, you easily kill the knight by doing so. Learn from my misstakes

  4. M

    Maybe I’m just unlucky but i had over 2500 kills and 0 blue or purple and about 17 green.

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