Microtransactions Coming to Destiny

Bungie have revealed Destiny will finally be getting microtransactions. No need to worry, though – the items sold in exchange for premium currency will be purely cosmetic, starting with emotes.

destiny microtransactions emotesCome October 13th, we’ll all be able to buy emotes using a premium currency – one that we’ll get by shelling out real money.
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The developers claim that no items on sale will give any kind of advantage over other players, so there’ll be no need to spend in order to keep up with those who do.

Tess Everis will be the one selling the 18 brand new emotes – how much they’ll cost and what they’ll look like is still unknown. All players will get a handful of Silver (the premium currency) on release day, so they can try out the system. The new currency will be sold in the appropriate console stores (PSN Store and XBox Live).

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