Survival Mode Guide | Star Wars: Battlefront

Survival is one of the game modes in Star Wars: Battlefront. It can be played solo or with another player.
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In it, the player(s) defend against waves of enemies. The goal is to survive until the end. During the beta, there will be 6 waves, while the final game will offer 15. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to play Survival mode in Star Wars: Battlefront.

star wars battlefront survival mode guide

How To Play Survival Mode

The core of this game mode is in surviving increasingly difficult waves of enemy atacks. The six levels that will be featured in the beta (on Tatooine) go like this:
  • First Wave – A handful of standard storm troopers.
  • Second Wave – Regular troopers and a some shock troopers with heavy blasters. Try flanking them. When this wave is finished, you’ll get a drop pod. Find it, claim it, then guard it until it opens up. You’ll get 2 power-ups out of it (turrets, rockets, etc).
  • Third Wave – An AT-ST. Use cover wisely – the vehicled does quite a bit of damage.
  • Fourth Wave – Standard infantry, along with scout troopers.
  • Fifth Wave – A mixed infantry unit with all kinds of troopers. Some of them will have jetpacks, others will have shields. The latter will try to storm you, so deal with them first. Another pod will land after this wave.
  • Sixth Wave – A bunch of infantry and an AT-ST. Vehicle turrets are great against it.

Survival Mode Collectibles

There will be collectible badges on each of the Survival Mode maps. Getting them all will give you an additional star in your rating. We’ve written a guide about collectibles on Tatooine, and we’ll have them for other planets as well, as soon as the game is out.