Infinite Money Glitch | The Witcher 3

There’s a new glitch in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt that lets you earn infinite amounts of money without breaking a sweat. You’ll need to invest a little upfront, and the process is tedious, but you’ll earn a lot of crowns fast.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you how to make infinite money in The Witcher 3 by using an exploit.

witcher 3 infinite money glitch

Witcher 3 Infinite Runestone Glitch

We’ve tried the method using a weapon with three rune slots and 3 Greater Triglav Runes – it should work with less slots and different runes as well, but these are among the most expensive. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Enchant the weapon with the runes.
  • Talk to the blacksmith.
  • Choose the Remove Upgrade option, then quickly switch to the next tab before the process is over.
  • You should end up with both the runes and a still-enchanted weapon.
  • Sell the runes, repeat the process.

The blacksmiths have a finite amount of money – when they’re out of cash, just meditate near them for 24 hours. Their stash will be replenished. If you don’t have three Greater Triglav Runestones, you can buy them from the blacksmith at Kaer Trolde (Ard Skellig). We’ve tried this method with patch 1.08 installed, on PC, in the normal game mode. We’ve heard it also works on Xbox One, as well as in new game plus.

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  1. M

    If anyone can try it on PS4 with 1.10 and tell us if it works… If not, I’ll try it when I get to Ard Skellig, but it’ll take some time.

  2. A

    It still works after the 1.10. You can try for it..

  3. I

    It not work with me on ps4 🙁

  4. D

    This works with any Blacksmith in the game, worked in Crows Perch and the Dwarf in White Orchard. Can duplicate on both Armour and Weapons.

    Currently still working on 1.10 on Xbox One.

  5. C
    CPO Jagger

    I can confirm still works on PS4

  6. still works on xbox one as of today.

  7. M
    Mike johnson

    I can confirm 1.11 on Jan 4 for ps4 it works but you have to press r1 for dismantle if you do l1 for repair it won’t work

  8. B

    Not working on ps4, they changed the blacksmith to an armourer. Pssfff.

  9. D

    Does not work on PC anymore.

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