Destiny Moon Dead Ghost Locations Guide

On the planet Moon players can revive 9 Dead Ghosts. Their locations are well hidden and in this guide we place them in a specific order that will be the easiest path for you to collect them all.
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If you have The Dark Below content you can collect three additional dead ghosts on the Moon. Please take a look at our guide The Dark Below Dead Ghost locations

Dead Ghosts no. 1-6 can be found in central and eastern part, while no. 7-9 are in Hellmouth – western part of the Moon. Once you collect dead ghosts 1-6, take the mission “Shrine of Oryx“. This mission will guide you towards the last dead ghost in this guide. Since it’s located deep down in the Hellsmouth, it is far easier to follow this mission. In the table below you will find short descriptions and screenshots of all Dead Ghost locations.

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#1Sub Area – Archer’s LineGhost Fragment – Hive
Close to the Moon landing point. Mission “The Dark Beyond” can be done in this area.
#2Sub Area – Archer’s LineGhost Fragment – Moon
Close to the dome on your way to the last part of mission “The Dark Beyond”.
#3Sub Area – Hall of WisdomGhost Fragment – Dead Orbit
Mission “The World’s Grave” takes you to this area.
#4Sub Area – Circle of BonesGhost Fragment – Saturn
Mission “The World’s Grave” continues here.
#5Sub Area – Anchor of LightGhost Fragment – The Ocean of Storms
Inside the last part of the mission “The Dark Beyond”.
#6Sub Area – Temple of CrotaGhost Fragment – Warlock 2
Mission “Chamber of Night” finishes here.
#7Sub Area – The HellmouthGhost Fragment – Darkness 2
If you follow this guide step by step, this is the moment when you’ll return to the first Dead Ghost location. You can complete “The Sword of Crota” mission in this area.
#8Sub Area – The GatehouseGhost Fragment – Mercury
Mission “The Sword of Crota” takes place here.
#9Sub Area – Shrine of OryxGhost Fragment – The Traveler
Mission “Shrine of Oryx” takes place in this area.

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  1. S
    Stephen Gluck

    Just did the moon ghost locations. Awesome! Thanks for the photos!

  2. C

    for number 6 my hunter cannot reach it im gonna try my titan once he gets stronger i didnt try it with blink just triple jump and higher double jump

    1. R

      A hunter can make it with triple jump.

    2. T

      Confirmed – did it with triple jump. No Problem

      1. J

        I’ve been trying it with hunter triple jump for at least an hour. I don’t see how it is even possible. I hit the lip of the platform EVERY time o.0 Is there another way to go that is possible for a hunter?

        1. K

          Rather than jumping from the ramp area, there is a pillar directly left of the ramp that’s covered in rocks. Jump up the formations a couple times, if you look up you’ll see the direction your supposed to go, not hard to figure out. After two jumps, walk along the stone and then jump from ledge to ledge on the edge of the wall. Boom. Ghost. Much easier.

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