Destiny Rare & Legendary Engram Farming locations

destiny engram farming spots
You have probably come a cross Engrams in Destiny, while defeating enemies. They are encrypted items, that you should take to Cryptarch vendor at the Tower to decode it.
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Once decoded, their stats will be unveiled and the items scales to your current character level. They are very rare drops, and that’s why this guide will show you the best places where you can farm Rare & Legendary Engrams.

Killing waves and waves of mobs will also help you unlock Grimoire cards, like when you kill 1,250 Vex Goblins, the Grimoire card says it doubles the effect of using the consumable. This bonus is only in effect when you are using one of the glimmer syphoning consumables: Blue Polyphage (for Vex), Ether Seeds (for Fallen), Black Wax Idol (for Hive) and Resupply Codes (for Cabal). Each planetary zone has a Grimoire bonus that doubles materials gathered from their respective nodes after reaching a kill threshold on that planet: Old Russia: Earth – Spinmetal, Moon – Helium Filaments, Venus – Spirit Blooms and Mars – Relic Iron.

Engram Farming location on Moon

The best place to farm purple engrams on the Moon is during the mission the Dark Beyond. When you hit level 20 choose hard mode level 9 because you can easily kill creatures and they will drop many blue and green engrams. Follow this guide for BEST SPOT TO FARM ENGRAMS ON THE MOON »

Engram Farming location on Earth

On the Planet Earth head to SkyWatch where you’ll find a small cave entrance. Creatures at this location start spawning under the following circumstances: you have to be far away from the entrance, and all enemies around and above the cave should be defeated. Follow this guide for BEST SPOT TO FARM ENGRAMS ON EARTH »

Engram Farming spot no. 1 – VENUS

The first spot is on Venus inside Ishtar Commons. This farming spot is best for you if you are solo. Your aim is to find a place with lots of lower level mobs than yours. They should respawn quickly and come in small waves. It’s not important what level the enemies are, you’ll get gear scaled to your level. You will be killing goblins, in a simple rotation where after killing one wave of goblins, a new wave spawns.

In order to find this spot you should go to Orbit – Venus, and then choose Patrol Venus. In the video below from 5:23 you can see the path that leads to this grind location.

Engram Farming spot no. 2 – VENUS

The second farming spot is also on Venus, inside the Strike Nexus. When you hit level 20, create Fireteam and start level 14 Strike called Nexus. You will go all the way through, and just before the final boss, when you come out the dark cave where you had to turn your light on, you’ll end up on a cliff full of Goblins. When you defeat them all just jump of the cliff, you’ll die and then respawn at the check point right near the goblins. It’s good to use medium to long range weapons.