Destiny Ringtones for iPhone and Android

All guardians will be pleased to know that your favorite soundclips from Destiny worlds are available in different formats for your phones. Reddit user RandyDelorean created a bunch of Destiny themed ringtones, text tones and alarm tones, which van be downloaded in the zip format from

This pack contains the following tones:
  • Destiny Theme Song
  • “Guardian, eyes up guardian!”
  • Two Ghost tones
  • Two Sparrow tones
  • Vault Engram Tone
  • Engram Decrypt Tone
  • Postmaster Message Collection Tone
  • Postmaster “Checking, Checking, Checking” Tone
  • Level Up Tone

There are also some additional tone packs that were made based on community requests:
Source: reddit
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    My file extracto says it’s a bad file, nothing to extract from the zip file

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