The Evil Within Chapter 3 - Claws of the Horde Guide

Chapter 3 – Claws of the Horde takes place in the area with several houses and a lot of enemies. The mission will reunite you with a member of the group that was left in the hospital, when you start the search for Leslie.
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In order to complete the final mission goal, you have to salvage every corner of the area, collect many items, because it’s the only way to leave this place!

The Evil Within Ch 3 Claws of the Horde

How to leave the starting area?

Chapter 3 starts on the platform beside the river. In order to leave this area you should take the stone stairs, but you will find dead bodies scattered all over the stairs. You can remove these obstacles by burning them down. You’ll find the matches next to the dead bodies.

Inside the house, now what?

Once you reach the second area enter the house to your right. As you enter the house you can notice a blood marked “Lore” Door. Behind the door you will find archive logs like: Map Fragment 4, Personal Document “Journal Entry – December 2004”, Newspaper “Serial Killings Continue” and a Missing Person Poster “Oscar”.
This is when the Nurse opens up an entrance to the new part of the asylum. Inside this new area you can open boxes with the keys that you have collected. You can choose between 51 boxes in total, that contain various loot. If you haven’t collected any weapon, Agony Bolts or Green Gels this is the place where you can take them. Loot seems to be randomly distributed.On the second floor you will find doctor Marcelo Jimenez. In order to continue with the chapter go to a nearby balcony. Jimenez will reveal his escape plan, which includes opening the gate on the other side of the area. Realization plan exists of three steps. First, you should open the gate under the house, so the doctor can lure several enemies inside the house.Step two – leave the house. When you reach the first floor enemies will start running into the house. In order to defeat them efficiently go into the basement, take the axe stuck in the wooden wall. Use it to defeat the first enemy. Use the matches and burn a dead body when the second enemy comes closer, and both of them will burn together. The third one you have to kill with weapons.
The Evil Within Ch.3 Claws of the Horde
Run toward the basement and the axe.

Step three – scavenge the houses for loot and weapons, kill the enemies. While searching the area you’ll find 3 keys, 2 chests, Shotgun, Agony Crossbow. In the gallery below you can find details about item locations. It is crucial to obtain them all.

Inside or close to the barn you can find: 2 keys, 2 chests.Inside or nearby the house that is closest to the wooden gate you can find: 1 weapon Agony Crossbow and 1 Key. Also, keep an eye out for Agony ammunition, that looks like a strong harpoon arrows, usually pinned in the wall.Inside the house where Doctor was hiding you can find: 1 weapon – Shotgun and 1 Audio Tape: “Cerebral Attunement Experiment No.4”Note: The final Key Stone Statue is located near the top of the watch tower. We would like to thank Dcastle for additional information.

Where to find chainsaw?

When you come to the gate through which Leslie passed, you’ll find out that you need a chainsaw to brake through it. Chainsaw is however held by the first boss – The Sadist, a chainsaw wielding enemy in chains inside the barn. He is the main reason why you have to scavenge houses for weapons and ammo. Keep in mind that once you release this beast, all other enemies will rush towards this location.

How to defeat The Sadist – boss with a chainsaw?

The best opening you have against this boss is to engage him in combat from the barn second floor. This idea is possible only if you strike him with an explosion attack. After being released from chains he’ll start climbing toward you using the ladders at the first floor. This is the best time to do a burst damage, since he is very slow while climbing up. You can lure him to the yard, and keep him running around the vehicle. You can also return to the barn, go down the ladders, wait for him, them climb up. You can use whatever tactic you want, but don’t let him hit you.

On the barn second floor you can find several hay bales, that can be pushed towards the door. Once the enemies start running onto the second floor light up the hay.

Watch the video bellow to see the above strategy put to use in-game.

How to pass through the final chapter gate?

Once you get the chainsaw, go to the gate and use the chainsaw on the winch. Shortly after, a short cut-scene will start and the chapter is completed.

The Evil Within Chapter 3 Claws of the Horde

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  1. D

    There are 4 keys one statue near the ladder when you climb up the watch tower area outside the building with the recording

    1. D

      Its on your left almost at the top of the ladder have to climb all the way upb then look down the ladder to shoot it

      1. G
        Gosu No0b

        Thank you for the info, I’ll look for it today

  2. J

    i can confirm there is indeed a key up the watch tower u gotta climb up then look down the latter its sitting on a cross beam

  3. H

    Are there any fragment of the map in this chapter or not?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      In the first large building in the village. In the bottom floor you’ll find a mirror. Look next to it.

      1. H

        Thanks Dude =)

  4. M

    I hit chainsaw guy with shotgun shots on his way up the ladder. Then already had 2 explosion bolts around the bear trap. Annihilated lol

  5. S

    the best way to beat this fucker is to make explosive bolts and flash bolts. use your grenade to get him mad but then quickly switch to the bow and launch a flash bolt on him. it stuns him while he is still trapped. then just fire all explosive bolts at him and a finish him with a shot gun or two and he will die before leaving the box! then use your shot gun to blow away the box and claim the chainsaw. best to keep him stunned if your reload time is slow. he wont have time to fire up the chainsaw and set himself free!

  6. G

    The best way is to lure him into one of the spike traps

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      this is asome

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    How do you free the boss to battle him? I’ve found all the items, killed all the enemies and am just running around spinning wheels…..

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