Destiny Rise of Iron Trophies / Achievements

According to reddit user Uberwolf_ the next highly-anticipated Destiny expansion Rise of Iron brings 9 new trophies / achievements. The expansion also includes new armor and weapons, new game mode Supremacy, new versions of “The Devil’s Lair” and “The Summoning Pits” strikes, a new six-player raid Wrath of the Machine, and much more.
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destiny rise of iron achievements trophies As seen in the list below, names and descriptions for the achievements / trophies unveil a big portion of content that will be available through new missions, quests and raids. Sing The Iron Song seems to be a hidden trophy that players will unlock after playing the Rise of Iron theme on the bells in the Iron Temple.

Rise of Iron Trophies / Achievements

  • Mountain Climber: Complete the “King of the Mountain” Mission
  • The Young Wolf: Complete the “Rise of Iron” quest
  • Student of History: Activate all Iron Lord Artifacts
  • Sing The Iron Song: Play the Rise of Iron theme on the bells in the Iron Temple
  • Supremacy: Complete the “Glory and Taking of It” quest
  • Eye for an Eye: Complete the “Kovik’s Sin” quest
  • Forging Ahead: Complete an encounter in the Archon’s Forge
  • Spliced: Complete the “Wrath of the Machine” raid
  • Splicer God: Complete the “Wrath of the Machine” raid on heroic difficulty

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