Rise of Iron Dead Ghost Crucible Locations | Destiny

Crucible Dead Ghosts are collectible fragments you can get in Destiny: Rise of Iron. They are hidden across the PvP maps.
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There’s one on each – 30 on Xbox, 31 on Playstation. If you don’t want to play Crucible matches against other players, there’s an easy workaround that will allow you to get them. Every one you get will unlock a new Grimoire entry, giving you more insight into the lore. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Dead Ghost Crucible locations in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

If you’re not comfortable with playing PvP, you can start private matches in Crucible on your own, without inviting anyone. This will allow you to roam the map unhindered and collect the fragments. Always choose Capture as the game mode, since it has three points you can use for orientation. If you’re looking for Rise of Iron Dead Ghost locations outside the Crucible, we have a guide for that as well.

Ghost Fragment: Asylum

When you spawn, go down the long corridor leading towards point C. When you pass the tree and reach the end, turn right and go into the building. Turn left and look for the fragment in the grass in the far right corner.

Ghost Fragment: Bannerfall

Run straight to point B after you arrive. Jump up to the ledge on your right. Jump across the gap to a narrow terrace. Go to the other side and jump onto the bridge. Turn left and enter the room. You’ll find the dead ghost on the worbench on your left.

Bastion Dead Ghost

Go down the slope and jump up, onto the ledge. Turn right into the corridor and go to the other side. As you exit it, go under the stone arch on the left. As you leave its shade, turn right and climb onto the rock by the road. The fragment will be on it.

Ghost Fragment: Black Shield

Go into the building behind point A. Pass through the door and exit the room using the door on the other side. As you leave the building, make a U turn right. Go back into the building through the small entrance. Turn left, and you’ll see the collectible in the rubble.

The Anomaly Dead Ghost

Go through the narrow tunnel and follow it until you reach point C. Go towards the edge, then turn around and look behind the crates on your left. The ghost will be in the corner, on the floor.

Blind Watch Dead Ghost

Go to the ledge overlooking point A. Turn around and go through the passage and down the stairs. Turn left and look into the rubble behind the pillars – this is where the ghost is.

Ghost Fragment: The Burning Shrine

Get to point B, then pass the glowing thing on the wall from the right. Go down the slope and look behind one of the walls on your left. You’ll start getting a flashing warning telling you to turn back when you’re near enough.

Ghost Fragment: Cathedral of Dusk

Go to point B, then follow the corridors on the outer side of the spire until you get to the sun stone. Stand in front of the sun stone and turn around. You’ll see the ghost in a pile of rubble, next to a sarcophagus.

Dead Ghost in The Cauldron

Travel to point B, then jump down from the bridge towards the green door. Look at the ground next to the bridge – you’ll see the fragment shining in the distance.

Crossroads Dead Ghost

Once again, you need to reach point B. Go behind the giant tree and to the left. You’ll see a round, glowing portal. The ghost will be on the ground to the left of it.

Exodus Blue Ghost Fragment

Go to point C, then start following the road towards point B. Once you get into the clearing, go into the ruined building with cyrilic letters above the door. Turn right immediately after you enter, and you’ll see the collectible in the corner.

Firebase Delphi Dead Ghost

Get to point C and go through the half-opened red door. Climb the ramp on the right and go through the round door. The fragment will be next to the pile of crates in front of you.

Ghost Fragment: First Light

Get to the large clearing, then head towards the dome and point C. When you hit the dome, turn left and go around it. Climb up the hillock, the jump onto the elevated area on your left. The ghost will by next to some supply crates.

Ghost Fragment: Floating Gardens

Go to point B, then onto the terrace. If you’re looking towards the point, turn right and climb onto the rectangular rock. Follow the wall and jump onto the broken pillar. The ghost will be on it.

Frontier Dead Ghost Location

Get to point A, then leave the tunnel and go into the clearing. Turn right and pass the crates. When you reach the cliff, you’ll have to explore the shrubbery at its base. The ghost is one of the bushes, but it’s hardly visible.

Icarus Dead Ghost

This one is pretty easy – go to point C. You’ll see a huge pillar next to the point. The ghost is on the other side of the pillar, on the ground.

Ghost Fragment: Last Exit

When you arrive to point C, go into the subway tunnel. Go through the first wagon and follow the tunnel. When you reach the second one, turn left and switch tunnels. Once in the second tunnel, turn around and find the fragment in the rubble.

Memento Ghost Fragment Location

Travel to point C, get out of the building and head into the alley on the right. Turn left into the hallway with small green tiles. Turn to your right and you’ll see the collectible on the ground.

Ghost Fragment: Pantheon

Go to point A, then go around it from the right. Follow the wall, jump up to the ledge and keep on going. When you reach the edge, you’ll see the ghost dangling from it.

Rusted Lands Dead Ghost

When you spawn, go forward and left to get to point B. Once you’re there, approach the wall of the destroyed building (the one with the windows). Go to a point where there are only two stories and jump over. Quickly pick up the fragment from the ground by the wall before the timer ticks off and kills you. This will go much easier if you have triple jump.

Ghost Fragment: Sector 618

This map is still a Playstation exclusive. Travel to point B, then approach the fence on the right. Jump across the chasm onto the platform with the large ball. The fragment will be on the ground by the ball.

Ghost Fragment: Shores of Time

When you get to point B, go through the round passage, then turn right. Once you’re in the tunnel, go left. When you leave the tunnel, turn left and you’ll see the fragment behind a crate.

Skyline Ghost Fragment Location

After you get to point C, go towards the edge. Pass the container and jump over the railing and onto the ledge. Turn right and go towards the stairs. The ghost will be hidden under them.

Skyshock Dead Ghost Location

Go to point C, then head towards the shore. Pass the first airplane wreck. When you reach the second, approach it and look at the bushes near the opening. You’ll find the ghost there.

The Drifter Dead Ghost

Go to point B. If you approach it from the middle, where the giant orb is, pass the right staircase and turn right. The ghost will be in the pile of debris.

Ghost Fragment: The Dungeon

Go to point A and pass through the gate on the right. In the next room, look at the pillars on the right. The ghost will be on the ground beside them.

The Timekeeper Dead Ghost Location

When you get to point A, you’ll see a giant pillar on your right. You need to jump up to its first storey in order to get the fragment. Having triple jump will help.

Ghost Fragment: Thieves’ Den

Simply get to point A and look around attentively. You’ll see what looks like a pile of gold next to one of the cavern pillars. The dead ghost will be on the pile.

Ghost Fragment: Twilight Gap

Leave point A through door number 4, then turn around and go right. Jump down into the courtyard, pass through the gate and jump back up into the hangar. You’ll see a crate in the middle of the room. If you go around it, you’ll notice a shiny broken ghost on it.

Vertigo Dead Ghost Location

Get to point B, then go to the left of the giant portal. Once you’re down the stairs, turn right immediately, and you’ll see the ghost on the ground.

Widow’s Court Dead Ghost

Head towards point A from the shore. Turn right at the plaza. After you pass the tree, look to your left. Jump to the second floor of the ruined building and look for the ghost in the rubble.