Rise of Iron Dead Ghost Locations | Destiny

Dead Ghosts are collectibles in Destiny. These ghost fragments are hidden across different maps, and finding them will unlock new grimoire cards.
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Several of these empty husks were added in the Rise of Iron expansion, and getting them will reveal a couple more bits of lore and backstory. This guide will show you all Dead Ghost Locations in Destiny Rise of Iron.

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Ghost Fragment: Fallen 5

Go to the Rocketyard, and head towards the hole in the wall. When you’re almost there, jump up to the crane above the road. You’ll find the fragment on the crane’s cargo.

Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 4

When you’re at the entrance to The Divide, use the snowed-in cars to jump onto the lower building (the one on the left). Climb the solar panels, then jump onto the antenna. You’ll find the ghost there.

Dead Ghost Rasputin 6

This one’s easy – you can snatch it from the bridge that leads to the boss room in Site 6, below Archon’s Forge. It’s on the floor on the right side of the bridge, right at the beginning.

Rezyl Azzir – The Whisper and The Bone Dead Ghost

As soon as you enter the Archon’s keep area, hug the cliff on the left. It will lead you to a dead end. Look down the ledge and jump onto the lower one. Turn left and you’ll see a cave entrance. Jump through it and follow the cave until you reach the fragment.

Dead Ghost: The Dark Age 3

During the first mission The Last Iron Lord you’ll get the objective to Speak to Lord Saladin at the Iron Temple. In front of the temple you’ll see fire. Next to a stone you’ll see a dead ghost.

Dead Ghost: Mysteries 3

At the start of the second mission The Walls come down head slightly to the right towards the huge spaceship. In a red car just before the ship look for a ghost fragment.

Dead Ghost: Ghosts 2

During the The Plaguelands mission, once you destroy the first shield generator, turn around, jump onto a small metal platform and look for the ghost on a pipe.

Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray 2

You can get this fragment even before the add-on is out, thanks to a weird bug. Here’s what you need to do if you want to snatch it:
  • Load up the Tenebrous Tunnels mission on Mars.
  • Get to The Cortex area (all the way up the tower).
  • Once the area is loaded, go back to the Dust Palace atrium and go down to the floor where you have access to the elevator shafts.
  • Enter the shaft closer to the windows and crouch on the pipe by the wall.
  • Let the enemies kill you.
  • If you’ve done everything right, you’ll respawn underneath, in a new and otherwise inaccessible area.
  • Go behind the pillar on your right to find the ghost. It will be on a ledge on the pillar.

Rise of Iron All Dead Ghost Crucible Locations

Crucible Dead Ghosts are collectible fragments hidden across the PvP maps. There’s one on each – 30 on Xbox, 31 on Playstation. If you don’t want to play PvP, you can start private matches in Crucible on your own, without inviting anyone. This will allow you to roam the map unhindered and collect the fragments. We have a detailed screenshot guide for all dead ghosts in Crucibles.