Iron Gjallarhorn Exotic Quest Guide- Destiny Rise of Iron

Iron Gjallarhorn is the upgraded version of Destiny’s most famous weapon, Gjallarhorn. In order to acquire this beautiful and powerful weapon, guardians will have to complete Rise of Iron’s story mission, get the Splicer Key, collect 7 Iron Medallions, find 5 Dormant SIVA Clusters, and kill many enemies.
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Don’t forget that this weapon is available only for those who preordered the Rise of Iron expansion. In this guide, we’ll show you the step-by-step method to get the starting quest, and Iron Gjallarhorn at the end.

How to start Iron Gjallarhorn Quest

  1. The starting quest for getting the Gjallarhorn can be obtained by breaking the seal in your Book of Records. This will start the Echoes of the Past mission. In order to finish it, you’ll have to complete Rise of Iron’s story missions first. Then, you’ll need a Splicer Key, which can be acquired by defeating Brood Mothers (the hive wizards with the yellow health bars) while on patrol around the Plaguelands.
  2. Travel to Archon’s Keep and perform an anomaly scan patrol mission. It will have the icon of a Ghost. If it doesn’t appear, either go to space and back until you get it, or just roam around until it appears. This will take you underground, past Archon’s Forge, where you’ll fight a Fallen Walker. After defeating him, scan the Iron Medallion that was behind him. This unlocks the Beauty in Destruction quest. Don’t fall into the hole next to the medallion.

Where to find 7 Iron Medallions

  1. Your next task is to find 7 more medallions. One is hidden in Felwinter Peak and the rest are found in most of the patrol locations in the Plaguelands. You can easily find them if you use sniper rifle scope.
  2. Once you’ve collected them all, go to Bannerfall and complete the mission Symbol of Honor.
  3. Your next objective in the Beauty in Destruction quest is to collect 5 Dormant SIVA Clusters.
  4. Your last task is to go back to Earth and find the pieces to create the Gjallarhorn. While your ghost is trying to repair the Gjallarhorn in the Beauty in Delivery quest, you should defeat several waves of Fallen. It’s very hard to do that – hide in the room where your ghost is and kill the waves of enemies from there. Once you defeat the elite captain with a scorch cannon, there will be no more adds spawning around.
  5. At the end, you’ll be rewarded with a Y3 Gjallarhorn at 350 Light Level. If you’ve preordered the expansion, your preorder bonus Iron Gjallarhorn will now be usable. You can pick it up from the Postmaster, if you haven’t already.
We would like to thank BigBenQuantum and HelpMyArmsFellOff for all information and screenshots.

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