Rise of Iron Gjallarwing Preorder Bonus

Bungie have revealed another preorder bonus for Rise of Iron, Destiny’s upcoming expansion. It’s the Iron Gjallarwing, a uniquely styled sparrow racer that’s going to make you the talk of the town.
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Or planet. They’ve also released a trailer to show it off.

It sure is sleek. We don’t know about the stats, but it looks bloody great. It’s going to have you turning heads at the sparrow tracks, that’s for sure. The “Iron” in the name makes us suspect it’s only the black and silver skin that is the bonus, like with the Gjallarhorn. If that is the case, then the regular Gjallarwing will be available in the game regardless of whether you preorder or not. It’s just speculation, though. The trailer has no info whatsoever on that matter, so we have no idea if any version of this sparrow can be unlocked through playing.

Really, the only good reason to look forward to this is if you’re into racing. The sparrows don’t get much use outside of that, so if it’s not your thing, you probably won’t get excited by the idea.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is going to launch on September 20th. It’s going to require the base game as well as the Taken King, and it will only be released on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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