Sing the Iron Song Achievement

Sing the Iron Song is a hidden achievement in Destiny: Rise of Iron . The latest expansion holds many secrets, and this achievement is one of them.
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Thanks to numerous Destiny fans on Reddit, a secret achievement has been revealed. In this guide, we’ll show you the method how to unlock Sing the Iron Song Achievement.

sing the iron song trophy destiny

How to unlock Sing the Iron Song Achievement

In order to unlock this achievement, guardians will need to play the Rise of Iron theme song using the bells. The bells are located in the Iron Temple. It’s a timed event, and you don’t have enough time to run to each one solo. You’ll need at least 2 friends to play each bell in the following order: 1,2,3,1,5 – 4,3,2,3,1,3,4. Some people also confirmed that playing bells in 1,2,3,1,5 – 4,3,2,3,1 order works as well. You’ll hear a sweeping sound effect while you’re playing it near the end of the song, if you did it with the right timing (thanks okluke).

Bell #1 is hidden in a hallway up the stairs to the left of the other four bells. Bells number 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are next to each other in the hallway. Bell #2 is the first of the five (from the left) and the rest following after it in order. You don’t need to use the 5th bell. If you play the bells in the exact order and with the right timing, the achievement will unlock.

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