Destiny Strange Coins Vendor Location and Items October 10th

Strange Coins Vendor Xur, Agent of the Nine, has returned again this weekend. New exotic and legendary gear and weapons will be available in his stock from October 10th until October 12th. You can find him hiding in the Tower in Speaker area all the way to the back on the balcony. If you have collected enough Strange coins and Motes of Light, hurry up because this black market vendor can be found only during the weekends from Friday 9AM, until Sunday 9AM GMT. The following items can be purchased this weekend:Xur strange coin vendor location October 10

XUR Vendor Items

This week Xur is selling a Titan helmet and chest exotics for Hunters and Warlocks. He is also selling the Ice Breaker exotic sniper!

Auto Rifle TelemetryConsumableBasic5Strange Coins1
Pulse Rifle TelemetryConsumableBasic5Strange Coins1
Machine Gun TelemetryConsumableBasic5Strange Coins1
Plasma DriveVehicle UpgradeLegendary1Strange Coins23
Emerald CoilVehicle UpgradeLegendary1Strange Coins23
Heavy Ammo SynthesisConsumableBasic5Strange Coins1

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