Haven – Alien: Isolation Mission 8 Guide

Eight Alien: Isolation mission called “Haven” is not too long in retrospect, but it took me quite a while to finish it. I was experimenting with different ways to activate the transit system (kill the droid and human guards or avoid them?).
We’ll share our findings with you.

Reactivate the transit system

Mission starts with you managing to get back to your friends and finally having a talk with someone not trying to twist your neck or burst out of your chest. You are tasked with re-enabling the transit system while others guard the wounded.

Get to transit control

Go east and north following the mission objective marker on the map. I do not think the alien will try and kill you here so just walk at a normal pace (just in case). You’ll reach the northernmost room and take the elevator to Transit Control

Flashbang (V.2) Bleuprint

As you arrive to Transit Control you’ll enter a room which has Flashbang upgrade blueprint sitting on the table.

Reactivate the transit at the main console

There are four switches you need to activate to re-enable the transit system. You will see their location on the screenshots bellow. Once you activate the central console for the first time a human will come out patrolling and being hostile once he spots you. Second or third switch releases an android that will kill the human, but is also harder to kill. He was locked in the back room and once he comes out of there it means you can access the back room. You just need to reactivate all the switches. You can choose to kill the human and the android or stealthily sneak by them. Here’s a good tip. You can use your stun baton to knock out the human without killing him. You can also use the stun baton on the android to stun him. You need to melee hit it several times after that to kill it. If he is still alive after the first stun you will not be able to stun it again so use a molotov or pipe bomb to kill it.Gosu Tip: If you want to do this section quick than do the following. As you exit the elevator pick up the Personal ID Tag collectible found in the northwest part of the main transit system control room. Afterwards quickly activate switch no.1, run northeast in the same room to activate the second switch, run to the third switch and back to the central console. You can activate them all before the human starts firing at you and the android will kill the human so you just need to avoid the android now. You can hide behind transit terminal consoles, but you can also make the android chase you around the consoles and then you make a dash for the back room where the android was trapped. There are some barrels there that you can use to hide from the android and he will go out and patrol the central terminal room leaving you alone to save your game.Northeast room hides a save terminal and a gas torch! You will finally be able to open some of the sealed doors in the game. First such door is a hatch covering an air vent in the main room. If you did not kill the android I suggest you throw a noisemaker into a far corner of that room and cut the hatch in piece. Once you enter the air ducts you are free of the android threat.

Get back to the transit station

Use the air duct to come back down to the transit station. You will get a message from the sheriff that they heard voices as tthey were leaving. On your way to the transit station make sure you open a sealed room with your newly acquired gas torch. You’ll find Archive log 069 there and a Personnel ID tag.

Take the Transit Car to Solomons Habitation Tower

As you approach the transit system to call the train four humans will appear. You can distract them, stun them or kill them. They will turn hostile so decide for yourself what you want to do as you wait for the train to arrive into station and take you to Solomns Habitation Tower.

Get to Colonial Marshal Bureau

Save your game here and feel free to follow the mission objective to regroup with the other. There were no threats on the way.

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