Beacon – Alien: Isolation Mission 9

Ninth mission of Alien: Isolation is called “Beacon” and it is one of the most iconic missions in the game because you get to visit one of the most important locations of the first Alien movie – The Derelict. This is a flashback mission where Marrlow tells us the story of how he brought the alien on board Sevastopol.
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Mission is not hard and has no real puzzles for you to solve so just sit back and enjoy the familiar landscapes and scenes (if by any chance you never saw the movie this is a replica of what happened in one of the movie scenes).

Scan for the signal using the tracking device

Your team and you will suit up and venture onto a desolate moon to find a distress beacon signal. Just follow the path and your crew and you should be fine. At one moment your path will be blocked and you have to find another way. There is a flat rock in that area but above you. When you approach it one of your teammates will offer to give you a leg up. As you explore the path above (and live through some dangerous moments) you’ll find a place where you can place a bomb and clear some space for your teammates to come through. Another leg up and you will see the goal of your exploration straight ahead.

Enter the derelict

Just follow the path and you will get to the room with the “Navigator”. There’s a hole in the ground next to him and your crewmates will setup a rig to get you down. While they setup the rig you will go into one of the hallways to find the distress beacon. Just activate it and you can come back to descend into the bowels of the ship.

Return to the winch

Enjoy the amazing scenery and end mission cutscene. This ends our flashback so we can continue the next mission in Sevastopol space station.

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    Please finish the game soon! Getting lost.

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    Can you please do a mission 10 guide-walkthrough?? Cause I’m having a HARD time doing it! When i do the 2nd lock down the Alien is VERY ACTIVE making it IMPOSSIBLE for me to get through!

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